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Hi,I have 2 20w UV units and today noticed one wasn't on.At first I thought the bulb might have failed, but looking at the power packs, the light is red on the one that isn't working, where as the light is green on the one that is working fine.Does the red light signal a power pack issue, or is it the light that has gone?Many thanksAdam

    Is there any reason why this unit can't be hooked up to an outside waterbuttt collecting rainwater? I understand it has to work under pressure which could be achieved with a Waterbutt pump?
    Best regards

Good afternoon, I am hoping you can assist, I am purchasing  Red Sea Reefer 425XL
and am wondering which model of skimmer you recommend.
The tank will be moderately stock with fish and coral and approx 40KG of live rock.
Please can you advise , many thanks, Kevin.

In recently purchased your product with the pump included 


However no matter what settings I have the valve on the pellets are not agitating. There is water flowing out of the return pipe but the pellets just sit on the bottom sponge and don’t seem to move. I have reduced the amount of pellets to less than 1/4 of what is recommended for my tank size 350 ltr


The top and bottom sponge are in place and the amount of pipe between the pump and the reactor head which is probably 5 ft from ground is just enough to have a small kink in it so as to give me room to empty and fill the canister 


Should I remove the top sponge?


Your advice would be appreciated 

I've been using ROWA for years. I recall sometime back reading that GFO can drop alkalinity. My last tank had a dosing unit and was heavily packed with fish and coral. My tank now is much less bioload, but due to some fish loss and overfeeding my phosphates went through the roof. I've since corrected with a larger amount of ROWA, but my alk keeps dropping since I've been doing it. I'm wondering if the two are related. My alk was usually around 8, but dropping down to 6.5. Just wondering what your thoughts were? Should I perhaps dose a certain amount of alk when I change out my ROWA? I don;t really measure it out, I just use like 3 heaping spoonfuls in my 60 gallon and change every 3 weeks now. Thanks for any input and help you can give me. Oh, I should mention that my mag and cal stay high at 1400 mag and 460 cal.
Thank you,

Purchased 13 months ago complete with resin pod .noticed my marine tank NO3 
reading had increased over past 2 / 3 months to 10ppm from 0.25 no changes in 
my routines . After careful checking took readings from my unit and was 
surprised to 5ppm NO3. And the 80ltr tank of RO 10ppm.use this amount weekly
TDS reading into unit around 270 and after 6/7 ppm.
Decided to replace all cartridges including membrane and resin ,have produced 
a little over 25ltr and the TDS reading is now 3ppm. When 0 after 2ltr
Had replaces pre and carbon after 6 months.
Before the tap water reaches unit it has already passed through my Purity on 
Tap Hilux pre filter and chlornomore cartridges.

Hi Tony ,
                Can you help , I bought a deltec 1456 at xmas just gone 2016 , three weeks ago the pump never restarted after a routine water change now 4 months old . The shop was helpful and replaced free of with a new ddc2 pump but annoying said they'd had every pump back and that's why the 1455 was brought out , this is disgusting from both the shop and deltec to have continuing selling them models knowing the chances are they will break down ! It doesn't end there , for the last three weeks I've tried to sort the skimmer but it seems way too powerful and after about 45secs on the lower setting just foams over continuous , all the messing about has caused the tank to stress and I've lost two fish and have £350 of foam maker . Can you advise I've tried highering the skimmer and turned Venturi to both extremes . Should we have been a different air intake perhaps.



I am having problem with my new reactor. At first I had the issue with the pump being too powerful for the phosphate remover so I followed the instructions to T off the water to make it less powerful. This works although it quickly gets an airlock and stop and just pumps out the second outlet of the T. The pump is fully submerged in the sump and I am completely stumped as to how the air is getting in to cause this.

Do you know any solutions to this issue.

Many thanks


I recently purchased 3 x Hydra 26HDs from XXXXXXXX, 
. 2 were off the shelf and a 3rd was ordered for me. However it would 
appear that they are slightly different. The 3rd light has deeper Royal Blue 
LEDs - a couple of shades darker. Also I have noticed that when speed playing 
through the schedule the 3rd light does not join in and remains all LEDs off. 
The schedule appears to work fine on all 3 but occasionally I do get a red 
exclamation mark against the 3rd light which does come and go. I don't have 
them connected to my home WiFi the signal is not strong enough - I have them 
connected together using the AIFi - Is there anything I can do this and about 
the Royal Blue LEDs on the other 2 lights ? Thanks and Regards


I have an old deltec 1355 protein skimmer that has recently started humming really loudly.

Can you advise why this might be and what I can do to fix it?

Kind regards

I recently purchased al hydra 52 hd lights for my tank. I have it programmed for 8 hours of light during the day. Once the lights go off one blinks green and the other one is a steady blue. How do I get rid of this problem before I put my fish in the tank?

Thank You,


Hi guys trying to set up the Luna cycle and moonlighting on my 
new toy

Good morning,
I purchased last February 2 Hydra 52 HD lights from my local fish shop in 
Glasgow for my 7ft reef tank. I knew 2 lights would not be enough but due to 
unforeseen circumstances I could not get a third right away. Anyway I then 
bought a further light in the summer last year but I have only just set the 
third light up and there is a remarkable different in the blue led colour. 
The older 2 lights are more Iight blue and the new one is a deeper almost 
violet colour. When all three lights are on together the difference to my 
eyes is noticeable across the entire tank. Would you happen to know if the 
LED bulbs were changed in manufacture during this period?
Just makes the tank look a little odd later in the day when the blues become 
more in play.
Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.
Many thanks

Hi, I've been cycling a new tank and recorded a result of 1 on the salivert 
phosphate test kit. I added some rowa phos and this has come down to 0.5. 
This has been over a few weeks.

Do you think that this is now exhausted and i need to add a new 100ml? Can i 
just put the entire tub in?

I have a 95litre tank. All other readings are normal ammonia and nitrite are 
0, nitrate is 5. PH 8.2, alkalinity 8, salinity 1.025.

Many thanks for your help

Please can you tell me what is the macimum thickness of glass the protein skimmer 
will fit. I have a Juwel Rio 400 tank. It has a slight rim. Will this protein skimmer 
fit on it.
Many thanks