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Frequent Asked Questions

Hi Guys

I’m looking at choosing a one of the Deltec calcium reactors either the PF601 or 601S but what the difference does the S come with a Solenoid?

My system is around 2000 litres

I’ve never used a calcium reactor as I’ve always used the dosing method, but the principal of calcium reactors seems fairly straight forward, but they just look very complicated to set up for someone who’s never used one.

I’ve also been looking at the Twin Tech versions, probably the 3000 but they look even more scary! Lol

I’ve read a few of your articles, but do you have any ‘idiots’ guides or videos on how to set one up and run one ideally one of the PFs or Twin Techs?

Many thanks


Dear D-D

I hope you can help me, close to 3/4 through my Fleece a ridge builds up in the centre of the dirty fleece making it difficult for the fleece to move on. I have to cut the fleece and rejoined it. The issue seems to have become worse since i have started to use the XL fleeces.

Thanks for any help


Hi D-D

I hope you can help me, i came down this morning to find my Clarisea alarming. If i reset it by unplugging from the mains or by holding the alarm button for 6 seconds I can hear the motor turning but the dirty roll is not pulling any fleece. Any idea of what could be wrong. 


Hi, I am wondering what the best water level is for running the roller. Currently, the unit is sitting in 7"  of water. I have a shelf I can sit it on what would let me run it in 5.5" of water. Or would it be better in a little more water?

Hello, Your product came highly recommended but the two times I've changed it my dKH plummetted overnight from a stable 8.4dKH to 6.8dKH. 

I have a 550L SPS dominate system and can't have it fluctuate this much so fast. I'm manually having to adjust my doser to compensate (2x the rate of my normal dosing amount) for the drop. The last time I changed it 6 weeks ago, it took 10 days for it to stabilize. I understand there's an ionic exchange going on but if I can't get this figured out, I'm going to have to look for other products. I even reduced the amount in the canister to help + reduced the flow rate and still didn't correct the problem. 

I look forward to hearing your suggestions and recommendations. 


Good Morning,
We purchased a Clarisea unit at MACNA 2018 from your booth, and the unit has stopped advancing the filter fleece. It is still running, but unable to advance the fleece, and thus triggering the alarm.

Please advise.
I just have a quick question today, please. Our customer recently purchased the SK 5000, and it pulled out a lot of detritus for the first few days, but isn’t pulling as much now. He is wondering if his water is just very clean, or if it is because his water level has dropped. He says the sensor is very far from the water level, but I don’t think that matters. My best guess is that the roller pulled out a lot of detritus and now his water is cleaner. He would like to know if there is an optimal water level? It seems like these can operate in most applications, and the water level isn’t very important.

Thank you for your help

I want to ask. How i want to maintain the parameter of the salt for longer period. I mean i want to mix the salt with water and then keep it in a container for about 2- 4 week.

From my observation, the mix will drop the dkh day by day. What best method to keep the parameter stable to store the saltwater.

I am using your brand salt for 6 month. I want to keep the salt mix to make autowater change for my reef tank.

I have been trying to set my doses up for 2 nights solid & still am unable to connect it to my WiFi . I have updated firmware & downloaded the Kamoer 2 app but it’s just not connecting to my Sky WiFi & can’t find any tutorials on the internet
Where can I get help please
Thanks Keith,

I have your 10w steriliser running of an Eheim compactOn 600 pump in my reefer 250.

For 250litres total inc sump I think this is adequate but I’m finding the water temperature has risen by about 0.5 - 1 degree since installing it.

I have the pump on it’s lowest flow setting which is rated at 250lph at this setting up to 600lph max.

I have the steriliser there to primarily kill off parasites, and unwanted algae.

Is this flow rate too low and the reason my temperature is increasing? can I up the flow a bit and still get piece of mind that it’ll treat the nasties in the same way and not affect the temperature as much?


Can you tell me if this dosing pump will connect to my sky q hub router l keep reading about 2.4ghz and 5gz I’m not sure which one my sky hub is

Hi I am starting to use this product once again on a newly started marine aquarium my question is  .as well as removing carbon and stopping ozone and uv for the specified period  do I also need to remove the marine polyfilter I am using as an ammonia guard  regards Ian


I wonder if you can help me. I’m picking up a DD 39w uv from my lfs tomorrow to help with white spot outbreaks. My tank is around 900l. What flow do I need to be running it at to kill the parasites?
Or could I use a 80w to maximise exposure? If so what flow do I need

Dear D-D Support

Im not sure if i have an issue with my Clarisea, i can hear the motor turning but the dirty spool isnt actually rolling on, any ideas?

many thanks Steve

Dear D-D.

I recently purchased a Clarisea and i cant find any plumbing that will fit the 32mm elbow on the unit. I have been to several DIY plumbing stores such as B&Q , homebase and Wickes but none of the 32mm fits. Please help.

Many thanks Norbet