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Smart ATO Nano
Smart hang on automatic top up unit designed for small or nano aquariums with a dual safety sensor and diaphragm pump that can draw water from a reservoir next to a sump or from below in the aquarium cabinet.

A strong diaphragm pump and a dual optical sensor are combined in one compact hang on unit so there is no pump to fit in the reservoir, keeping everything neat and tidy.

Compact Design
Integrated with one dual smart sensor and one diaphragm pump the Smart Nano ATO is extremely easy to install on your aquarium — hang it on the side of the tank or outside edge of the sump, connect tubing, and plug in the power.

Easy to Assemble
The toolless design allows you to assemble and disassemble the Smart Nano ATO fully for maintanence in a minute, no screws or awkward fixings.

Simple Installation
The ‘Hang-On Back’ design simply slips over to top edge of the aquarium or sump and clamps into place using an adjustable holder suitable for 3-10mm thick glass. The easy-to-install dual sensor can be positioned at the desired water level using its magnetic holder.

Adjustable Sensor Cable Length
The sensor cable can be used at its full length of 45cm or be made shorter by storing any excess cable in the convinient space inside body of the ATO to give a clean and tidy install witout long trailing wires on display.


• Dual sensor with safety backup
• Built in status indicator lights
• Smart time out emergency function
• Compact hang on design
• Easy to install, plug and play
• Includes intake prefilter
• Built in pump for less cables
• Check valve to prevent siphoning
• Diaphram pump
• Magnetic Mount for sensor


• Power Input: 100-240 VAC 50-60Hz

• Diaphragm Pump: 
  - Suction Head: 200cm / 6.5ft
  - Flow Rate: 30 LPH / 7.9 GPH 

•  Anti-Siphon Pressure: 60cm / 2ft

•  Glass Mounting Thickness: 
  - Sensor Magnet: 12.27mm / 1/2" 
  - Hang on Smart ATO: 3-10 mm / 0.12-0.39"

•  Cable Length: 
  - Sensor: 45cm / 1.5 feet 
  - Power Supply: 180cm / 6ft

•  Tubing:
  - Length: 200cm / 6.5ft 
  - ID: 4mm / 5/32"  OD: 6.4mm / 1/4"