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How does the Deltec Twin Tech Calcium Reactor work?





The Deltec Twin Tech calcium reactors are the perfect choice for aquariums with higher calcium and KH demands.

They work in the same way as a standard calcium reactor in that CO2 is used to lower the pH inside the body of the reactor to liberate calcium, KH, and other minerals depending on the media used. The main difference is that the Twin Tech does this in a much more efficient and controllable way.

The Twin tech consists of two main chambers. One that is used to saturate the water inside the unit with the CO2 being introduced, the CO2 chamber, and one to hold the calcium reactor media, the main reaction chamber.

The CO2 chamber has a constant pocket of CO2 gas that is regulated by an internal float valve. As water passes through the chamber it runs over a special inert mesh media increasing the surface area of the water. This allows the water to become saturated with CO2. As this happens and the gas is used the water level will rise triggering the float valve letting the unit know there is demand for more CO2 and refilling this reaction chamber via the supplied solenoid. This means that the unit always has the correct internal Ph to dissolve the calcium reactor media as the gas only gets topped up when its used. This internal regulation results in a very efficient use of the gas and does away with the need to manually check or input the pH via a controller as you would when running a standard calcium reactor as it is constantly self regulating.

This CO2 saturated water is then circulated through the main reaction chamber. As this water passes through the calcium reactor media calcium, KH, and other minerals are liberated.

The Twin Tech then effectively doses this mineral rich water to the aquarium using a pump supplied with the unit. To achieve this the reactor comes with a control box that regulates all off the electrical components on the unit. On the front of the control box there is an LCD panel that can display the amount of water set to be dosed to the aquarium. This can be changed with up and down keys to set the desired dose to suit the needs of the aquarium.