Why is my Clarisea dirty filter roll hard to remove?





The motor spool on the Clarisea has a slip cover to aid with removing the dirty roll when it needs replacing. As the fleece rolls onto the motor and starts to dry it can sometimes shrink and grip this tightly.

If the roll has wound to tightly to come off comfortably you can use an offcut of pipe that is about 10" long and 1-2" in diameter to help slide the roll off. To do this sit one end of the pipe on the floor or against an immovable surface and the other end of the pipe up inside the motor spool so it sits around the black wing bolt.

Now with both hands around the top of the dirty fleece use your body weight to push the fleece in a downwards motion off of the motor.

Do not spin the motor to unwind the fleece as you can eventually damage the motor wire.