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D-D Marco Coralline Rock

D-D Marco Coralline Rock is a totally natural calcium carbonate rock that is now supplied in a coloured form, using a new proprietary paint-free process developed to simulate coralline covered live rock. The purple coralline colour allows your new reef structure to look natural and established immediately, whilst waiting for the surface to be colonised by real coralline algae.


The natural rock is sustainably harvested from the on-land remains of ancient coral reefs which millennia ago rose from the ocean to form part of the structure of Florida, the Keys, and the Caribbean. As the rock is not taken from a living marine environment, it has no negative impact on the worlds delicate reef or marine ecosystems, and being a completely natural reef rock, has the perfect porosity for colonisation of beneficial bacteria to provide a thriving ecosystem in your own aquarium.  

Formed by nature

Each rock is totally unique and ideal for creating beautifully realistic marine environments.  In many rocks you can even see the distinct coral structures from the ancient animals that created it. As well as making this product environmentally friendly to living coral reefs, the added benefit of using a dry natural rock is that it is completely free from pests and hitchhikers, giving you peace of mind that un-wanted organisms are not introduced with your aquascape. 


The calcium carbonate composition of the rock will provide natural buffering capacity in the aquarium without negative effects on the pH. No additional curing is needed.

Build complex aquascaping structures

By using either the Aquascape Mortar Bonding Kit or D-D Aquascape Construction Epoxy it is possible to build elaborate, permanent structures by bonding the rocks together.


D-D Marco Coralline Rock does not simulate nature - IT IS NATURE.





  • Ancient reef rock, formed by nature.
  • Totally natural, not man-made from sand and mortar in regular shapes.
  • Paint-Free coralline algae colour, blends immediately into your tank.
  • Calcium carbonate - buffers your aquarium water.
  • Perfect porous structure for colonisation of beneficial bacteria.
  • Ecologically sustainable and free from pests and hitchhikers.
  • Each rock is unique in shape and size.
  • Can be bonded together to form complex reef shapes and overhangs.


4 different types of Coralline Rock are available

Coralline - ReefSaver

Saving the reef one rock at a time.

This will be your main 'go-to' rock that you will use for the construction of your custom reef.

An 18Kg mixed box contains rocks that range from 10-30cm but most of the pieces will be 12-16cm size. The shapes will be random and highly textured due to the natural origin of the material removed from the on land remains of an ancient reef.

Available as an 18Kg box or loose from your retailer.


Coralline - Foundation

A solid base for your reef

Foundation rock, as the name suggests, allows you to build a stable structure that will remain strong in high water flow and with the most boisterous fish and urchins. It is formed from pieces of ReefSaver rock, cut to give one flat stable face.

We recommend sitting on 3-4 putty feet to raise the rock slightly off the glass to allow some water to pass underneath.

Available as an 18Kg box or loose from your retailer.


Coralline - Hybrid

Not Shelf, Not ReefSaver!

This rock is a hybrid between the Premium Shelf and the ReefSaver.

It comes from specific localised areas of the ancient reef and forms some unusual natural shapes which also have a degree of plate formation.

It can be used by itself to form a more stratified reef or can be mixed along with the other rocks types.

Available as an 18Kg box or loose from your retailer.


Coralline - Premium Shelf

Natural plating rock.

Premium Shelf is found in areas where natural plate formations occur, which are not very common structures within the ancient reef deposits, and takes more preparation than the other rocks to produce the finished product.

Each rock is unique and can be used to form fantastic shelf and cave structures on which you can place your corals or in which your fish can hide.

Available as an 18Kg box or loose from your retailer.



Unique natural and beautiful surface structure of the rock

Totally Natural

Totally Random

Visible Coral Structures

Coralline Foundation

Coralline Hybrid

Coralline Premium Shelf

Lookout for the pink and black Coralline packaging in store

The D-D Marco Rock Coralline packaging is hard to miss in store.

Inside the box, every rock is individually wrapped to protect it from damage during transit so that it arrives in the best possible condition for you to start building your custom reef structure.