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Smart AWC Duo automatic water change unit

The Smart AWC Duo is the latest version of the fully automated compact water change unit from Autoaqua. It uses two uniquely designed duel level optical sensors that are suitable for both aquariums big and small. Simply mount the two sensors on your tank, adjust their heights with the magnetic mounts and program the desired auto water change settings using the touch screen. Waterchanges can be performed automatically at a desired set frequency or performed manually at the press of a button. This can allow regular small waterchanges to be performed daily or even muliple times a day with little to no effort.

Integrated with QST (Quick Security Technology) the Smart AWC provides real-time fail safe protection against failure along with built in failsafe sensors.

The unit also includes an ATO function to replace water lost through evaporation between water changes.

Parts Included

Each Smart AWC Duo comes complete with;

  • Smart AWC-400P Duo control module
  • 2 x Dual level optical sensors with magnetic mounts
  • 12v Power adapter
  • 3 x DC200 refill pumps
  • 3 x Tube holders
  • 3 x Siphon break connectors
  • 6m Flexible PVC tubing

Failsafe Systems

The Smart AWC Duo has two built in safety features to protect against any failure situation.

The specially designed optical sensors include a failsafe backup that will stop any waterchange or top up if they detect the water has gone beyond the high and low set points. In addition to this the controller has inbuilt Quick Security Technology (QST) for real-time protection.

QST can detect the malfunction of the sensor, the controller, and avoid the pump running dry in the case of an empty top up resevoir. The controller will give an audible and visual alert when any one of the following situations occurs.

  • If the ATO flling time is 6 times longer than the first flling time. For example, if the frst flling time is 10 sec, the controller will give an alert when any flling time is over 60 sec.
  • If the auto water change draining time or filling time is 3 times longer than the first one. For example, if the first draining or filling time is 20 sec, the controller will give an alert when any draining or filling time is over 60 sec.

During a water change the controller will automatically disable the built in ATO to prevent excess fresh top up water being added. After the water change is complete the ATO will remain off for 3 minutes to allow any fluctuation in water level to settle.



  • Touch screen controller
  • Dual level optical sensors
  • Integrated quick security technology
  • Modes for both freshwater and saltwater aquariums
  • Built in power outage safety measure
  • Audable and visual alarms
  • Compact design
  • Quiet pump operation
  • Built in ATO function
  • Backlit display
  • Magnetic sensor mounts
  • Built in wall mount bracket on controller



  • PSU power input 100-240VAC
  • PSU power output 12V
  • Power cable to controller 180cm
  • Pump maximum head 250cm
  • Pump maximum flow rate 280 LPH
  • Pump power cable 180cm
  • Maximum glass thickness for magnetic sensor mount 12mm
  • Maximum glass thickness for tube holder
  • Automatic water change frequency, mininum 1 hour, maximum 99 days
  • Sensor cable 300cm
  • Flexible tubing 6.5mm ID x 9mm OD

Optional Smart AC Switch

An optional smart switch is available to replace any of the supplied DC pumps. This will allow the Smart AWC Duo to operate a mains powered AC pump, solenoid or automatic valve. The Smart Switch simply plugs into a DC pump output socket to give a controllable mains UK plug outlet.

Smart Switch specification

AC power outlet 230-240v

Maximum load 10A / 2400 W (at 240 VAC)

300cm DC connector cable

DC connector 5.5 x 2.5 male