About Us

D-D The Aquarium Solution Ltd - is one of the most well known and respected suppliers of specialist equipment in the industry for use in salt water and fresh water aquariums.

Our company philosophy is to develop and introduce products for the hobbyist which are technically innovative and that we ourselves have tested and know will work. Many of our products like those from Aquaillumination, Rowa and Deltec set world standards by which other products are measured.

Our Managing Director, David Saxby is known throughout the world as being at the forefront of modern reef keeping and his 3,700 gallon home aquarium system has appeared on television and in many books.

David describes his methods as a 'reef gardener' approach rather than that of a scientist and has learned the hard way over many years what works and what doesn't work whilst pushing forward the boundaries of the hobby through his worldwide connections.

David initially formed D-D in 2001 as he wanted to bring his own personal experience of which products worked for him to the mass market and to dispel the myths and witchcraft that abound within the hobby. The success of D-D's partnerships with companies such as Aquaillumination, Rowa and Deltec plus the development of a wide range of our own products has seen the company grow well beyond that original idea to become one of the most successful companies of its type in the marketplace today.

When surfing our site bear in mind that each and every product has been developed or chosen by ourselves as hobbyists for hobbyists and is known to work.