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Aquascape Bonding Mortar Kit

D-D Marco Aquascape Bonding Mortar is the ideal solution for securely attaching D-D Marco Coraline Rocks, or other reef rocks together, weather to simply form a stable structure or to create an elaborate gravity defying aquascape. Once dry the mortar provides a bond as strong as the rock itself with the coralline colour of the mortar perfectly matching and blending in with the D-D Marco Coraline Rock.

This 5 lb kit comes complete with mortar powder, liquid with an acrylic polymer (to keep the joint from getting brittle in water), instructions, mixing spatula, and a bucket to do the mixing in.

If you do not need to mix the entire batch, when finished simply rinse and dry the bucket, seal the packets of any dry unused mortar powder and polymer liquid then store in a cool dry place in the closed bucket.

The mortar sets in about 20 minutes so only mix the amount you can easily use in this time. Once rocks are bonded they can be carefully handled after approximately 2 hours, full curing and bond strength takes 24 hours. For best results, don't touch or move rocks for 24 hours after building.

100% non toxic and ICP tested.

Instructions for Use

  • Top off the ‘Liquid Polymer Concentrate’ pouch with fresh RO water. Seal bag and shake well.
  • We recommend mixing in small amounts making new batches as you go.
  • Mix a small amount of mortar powder and liquid polymer in the bucket provided.
  • Mix well with spatula until thick, wet and with no lumps. Add more liquid or powder to achieve this consistency.
  • This product has an approximate working time of 15 minutes and will reach full strength in 24 hours.
  • Do not handle your new aquascape for 1-2 hours. If you must handle, please do so gently, you cannot re-wet and re-work.
  • If using on live rock or LR with corals, you can spray tank water to wet the LR and corals for the 1-2 hour curing period.
  • The premixed components, liquid pouch, bag, and bucket are all resealable for storage and later use.