I can hear the motor running on my Clarisea but the roll is not turning?





If you can hear the motor turning but it does not move the fleece, this would generally mean that you have lost drive somewhere in the system. 

Start by removing the inner drive motor assemby from the outer casing. To do this undo the black thumb screw at the end of the sleeve and carefully pull out the motor.

Check that the drive block (cruciform) is tight on the drive shaft and is not rotating independently when you try to turn it by hand. Check for any damage to the block as this part is designed to fail before damaging other parts like the motor.

If it does turn this means that the motor drive shaft will keep turning inside the cruciform when in use and will not drive it around when under load.

For version 1 type cruciform blocks check the grub screw that holds the peg onto the shaft. It should be tight and located so it screws down into the machined dimple on the metal motor shaft. You can loosen the screw right off and remove the peg if you would like to see where the screw locates.

For later version 2 type cruciform blocks the screw runs right through the metal drive shaft to prevent the screw from backing out or slipping on the shaft, please check the screw for any damage including snapping inside the motor drive shaft, this can happen if it has been put under extreme tension..

Example of V1 (EARLIER) and V2 (LATER) cruciform drive blocks.

Once checked or tightened make sure the cruciform block locates inside the outer sleeve correctly when re assembling. The peg locates into little nubs at the bottom of the sleeve, allowing it to drive the spool around. Hand tighten the black screw.


Please use the video link below for further information on asembling the motor.