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Hello,im looking to purchase a 72 x 30 x 30 reef aquarium in 
the near future that i want to light with Hydra 52's. My question is,would 3 
be enough or would 4 be better? Also i want to mount them using the tank 
mount ext rails and want to know at what height above the water they would 
need to be. The tank will be a mixed soft and hard coral reef. Thanks very 


I have one of your 50 GPD RO units + booster pump and have a few queries.

First of all, where should the booster pump be connected? My local fish store told me it needed to go after the pre-filters & before the membrane yet I see in your FAQ online you advised someone to place it before the pre-filters. My local fish store told me doing this would wear the pre-filters out really quickly?

Also, if I wanted to connect the unit to a washing machine connector would it be OK to be regularly switching between the RO cable and the washing machine cable? Or will water pour out of the washing machine when I disconnect the pipe?

Finally, does the pump need to be run for a time before it becomes efficient? I tried using it briefly after the pre-filters and my TDS was still coming out around 13/14 like it was without the booster.



Hi, I have just installed a H2Ocean fluidised media reactor in my reef 
aquarium - FMR75 with pump. Never having used a reactor before, what should I 
expect to see in the plastic tube when the unit is running ( currently a 
little disturbance at bottom of tube - not sure if media should be dispersed 
in whole length of tube). I'm using it with Rowaphos to reduce phosphate 
The manual says to run it with a smaller pump and not to 'over fluidise' the 
Rowaphos - How do I know if I'm over fluidising, I'm using approx 100g of 
media for my 300 l tank.  Any help would be apprecia

What combination of tubes do you recommend in the Red Sea max 
250 aqurium

My D-C 750 cooler will not start. The panel works, but the compresser and fan 
will not work. Is there a thermo protector in the unit that might be damaged? 
Can it be repaired? As far as I can see, there is no power on the brown and 
blue wires in to the compressor.
Looking forward to Your replay,

Can I use it in a Marineland biofilter.


I have one of your 50 GPD RO units and after flushing for 1 hour and running in normal production mode for 5 - 6 hours my output TDS is reading at 14 (with my meter and verified by my local fish store). My tap water TDS reading comes in between 180 - 190.

Does the unit need running longer to achieve a lower TDS? Or is my reading normal without the use of the DI pod?




I'm hoping you can help. I need to look at the needle wheel and fittings of 
my deltec protein skimmer as it has stopped working. However, I don't seem to be able 
to get into the protein skimmer to do this. Both my own internet searching and my 
local fish suplier have led to your website to download the PDF docs you 
have, but these are what came with the protein skimmer and am no wiser as these don't 
actually give guidance on maintenance!

Therefore, I am getting in touch hoping you may know what I can't seem to 
discover, is just how to get into the protein skimmer to look at and probably replace 
the needle wheel?

I look forward to any advice you can give.

Many thanks


I'm looking to swap my food as I'm not really too happy with my current flake 
as the fish would much rather take the mysis and nori sheet. I see you have 
large range of food and I am baffled as to what I would need as a replacement 
to my Ocean Nutrition flakes.
I don't really understand all of the claims on the side of the packaging as I 
believed this on the Ocean Nutrition flakes and it made no difference to the 
fish as far as my eyes could tell.

Tank: 7x2x2 mixed reef
Fish:  Clown Fish
         Blonde Naso tang
         Flame Angel
         Lyretail Anthia
         Red Velvet Fairy Wrasse

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Best regards


Have purchased your RowaCarbon for my marine tank. Its just finished its 
cycle, am I okay to use this now, even though I do not have livestock in yet?

Also my tank is 114 litres wet, can I just fill the supplied bag and put it 
in my system, after the skimmer outflow?

Finally, how long will the carbon last for in my tank? Will I need to change 
every month, or can I just flush with RO?



Hi there, I have a 135 Litre reef aquarium and would like to add a UV to the 
system I have been looking at the Deltic D-D 10W UV, could you please tell me 
if this would be the right option to go for? My recirculation pump is 378LPH, 
my rough understanding is to keep my pump open fully with type of UV? Will be 
used for ich, algae etc.

Look forward to hearing from you



I bought a few weeks ago 2 ai hydra 52s.
my tank is 130cm by 75cm by 60cm water height.
I especially have SPS corals, what percentage I would run best?

thank you in advance!


I have had my sc2060 for several years now, having turned the 
protein skimmer off for three days recently to do maintenance on my sump I have 
turned the protein skimmer back on again and it is chucking lots of micro bubbles 
back out of the pipe where the water level adjuster is :( the protein skimmer has run 
faultlessly until now, I have have checked that all parts are clean however 
this has not altered the amount of micro bubbles that are escaping, please 

I am using you Nutri Fix Pellets on my new tank and was wondering what you 
would recommend in terms of KH level. I have always ran previous tanks at 
around 9.2, but was told that I should be running around 7.5 with bio pellets 
and not sure that makes sense to me. Could you clarify for me.

Many thanks


Please can advise what I can do?

I runs Ozone a 5 g/hr on a SC1350, the air intake silencer has cracked under 
the ozone and degraded. The protein skimmer is less than 8 months old. Upon cleaning 
it snapped in my hands, it has become incredibly brittle and soft, the ozone 
has eaten it away? Please can you send me a replacement.

I also had an overflowing issue with the protein skimmer, every so often it the water 
level raises in the neck causing it to wet skim then oveflow. I clean it and 
it goes back down but their appear to be no blockage on the air intake either 
way. the water level in the sump is lowest I can make it according to protein skimmer 

All in all it is superb, but some help and a replacement silencer thingy 
would be great as it is supposed to be doze compatible?