Images of the New Razor Light
These new incredibly slim lights can be screwed to your aquarium lid, suspended with optional wires, supported from the ends of the tank, joined together and so much more.
Advice for solving intermittent operation problems or cutting out of the pump.
Never dismantle the pump to clean it as certain parts require special tools for correct alignment.
Advice on how to bleed your HLP Pump if it starts to trip out or get warm.
Initial Installation be aware that the pumps are supplied filled with fresh water to ensure that the hydrostatic bearings are kept full of water.
Well, I simply love the system, and after all evaporation has been a known way of cooling aquarium systems for many years, I was surprised that it took so long until someone has designed an...
Eco-Coolers can be installed inside or outside the house depending on the particular requirements of the aquarist.
If an eco cooler is intended to be located inside the house or in a cabinet then several important issues must be considered for the correct operation and installation.
Many other manufacturers will state that a particular cooler will cool a given number of gallons, but this is fraught with problems.
Instructions with photographs on how to maintain strip down the aquarium lid for access to the bulbs, fans, starters and LED's.
A series of photos and instructions for changing the LED's on your Nano-Cube Deluxe.
An article about Alexandra Broadhurst - a 10 year old reefkeeper and her Aquarium.
Basic tips on using Rowaphos also read the more detailed article titled "RowaPhos why waste your money".
Until recently a lake in Berlin had been suffering an unwanted algae bloom due to an increasing phosphate concentration.