If an eco cooler is intended to be located inside the house or in a cabinet then several important issues must be considered for the correct operation and installation.

This is an evaporative cooler and therefore the evaporated water must be allowed to exit the cabinet and be dispersed in the greater volume of the rest of the house.

Never install an Eco-Cooler in a fully enclosed cabinet without adequate ventilation.�

The evaporation level and therefore cooling level is dictated by the humidity of the surrounding air. At low humidity there is high evaporation and when the air is fully saturated then evaporation stops. In a fully enclosed cabinet the cooler will simply recirculate the warm humid air that is trapped and the cooler will reduce significantly in performance. This situation would happen to all coolers including refrigerant types as all coolers must have plenty of fresh cooler air to operate at maximum cooling ability.

A fully enclosed cabinet would become incredibly damp and damage could occur to the cabinet and on any electrical sockets or equipment such as computers located in the cabinet as well.

To get round this problem the hobbyist will require either an open backed cabinet or for the vent on the back of the unit to be ducted out of the cabinet. Many cabinet manufacturers now make aquarium cabinets without backs for new tank installations.

The exhaust on the cooler is located at the back at the topside on the cooler and would normally face the wall. The extracted warm air in this situation will blow onto the wall and may condense causing wall coverings to become damp.� To avoid this it is possible to lean a piece of glass or plastic against the wall at an angle to direct any water back onto the sump.

Another way is to get a piece of acrylic or glass and attach to it a piece of foam.� Screw the foam covered board to the wall, foam outwards, and as the moist air is expelled it will hit the foam and any moisture carried over will slowly evaporate with the room temperature.� This is very simple and this method does work!

The most efficient way and the best by far for cabinet based coolers is to vent the unit to outside.� If the aquarium is on an outside wall it is possible to vent the warm air straight outside to take it away from the room where the aquarium is located.� Deltec can supply optional manifolds units for this type of installation if requested.� Holes are then drilled through the wall of the house and duct pipe such as used for oven extractor hoods or shower extraction is installed through the wall and connected to the manifold on the cooler.

With this installation humidity is much less of an issue and the warm air is quickly extracted outside. For longer duct pipe runs it may be necessary to fit an additional extraction fan to draw the air away.

Should the Eco -Cooler not fit inside the cabinet, then it can be installed along side the aquarium or anywhere within a reasonable distance as long as the water that is pumped to it can return by gravity back into the system.� Again consideration must be given to the venting of the cooler in the environment in which it is located.