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AI Sol Wifi Adapter

Add wireless control capabilities to your Sol or Nano with our Wireless Adapter.

Connect wirelessly from the new AI MK II controller to your existing AI SOL or Nano LED units.


Wireless Control

The new AI adapter allowing the SOL or Nano to 'go wireless'.

No more wires from the controller to your light unit allowing the controller to be mounted away from the aquarium without any messy wires to the lights.

If using multiple SOL or Nano units individual adapters can be installed on each light allowing the lights to be mounted without any wires from unit to unit.

A single adapter could also be mounted on the first unit and subsequent units daisy chained from it allowing wireless connection between your SOL or Nano's and your controller but maintaining wired connectivity between the units.

  •     Wireless control when used with MK II controller
  •     Available in White or Black
  •     Small and discreet 
  •     Cloud cover option for individual adapters
  •     No more wires!