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Black Edition Internal Protein Skimmers
The Deltec Black Edition protein skimmers are part of the top of the range premium line, fully hand built in Germany and powered by the professional Deltec E-Flow controllable skimmer pumps. Combining aspects of the original AP range that revolutionised protein skimming in the aquarium hobby and the super-efficient twin chamber design of the latest TC skimmers.

Deltec are world leaders in protein skimmer design and have produced some of the most efficient and effective units in their 30+ years of manufacturing specialist marine equipment. These latest models continue in this tradition and give the professional hobbyist the best performance possible.

E-FLOW S Professional High Performance Pumps

Each of the three Black Edition skimmers in the range have a matching E-FLOW S pump. These German made pumps are driven by true sine wave brushless motors, have precision made hard ceramic bearings and CNC milled components for smooth, silent, and efficient performance. Each model is fine tuned to provide the correct air/water ratio to drive the skimmer and produce the correct bubble size allowing for the best results. The included control box for each pump allows for fine tuning to compensate for the bio load and the salinity level in the aquarium.

Twin Chamber Design

The air water mix from the pump is delivered into an inner chamber inside the body of the skimmer, this serves several functions including reducing turbulence in the main body, increasing dwell time, and helping prevent bubbles escaping the body without the need for mechanical degassing. The shape of the main skimmer body does not taper or narrow towards the top. This results in the small air bubbles being able to rise unhindered, allowing them to become fully saturated with organics, only bursting in the riser tube inside the collection cup and creating a stable foam.


  • Deltec E-Flow S Professional DC pump
  • Externally mounted pump
  • 2 times the contact time due to optimised water flow
  • Variable control in 2 Watt steps
  • High volume air inlet
  • Micro aduster to set the internal water level
  • New uprated diffusor
  • Air silencer
  • Feed timer
  • Whisper quite operation with hollow chamber
  • Emergency overflow system
  • Large skimmer cup
  • Skimmer cup drain
  • Stronger Material for the cup / lid
  • Optional cup self cleaning system
  • No addional feed pump required
  • High turnover rate through the skimmer
  • Hand built in Germany

Emergency overflow and regulator pipes

Deltec protein skimmers have a specially developed emergency overflow system.

This prevents the collection cup overflowing if the water level in the protein skimmer rises due to the sump water level suddenly increasing, or the air intake becoming blocked. If the water level within the body of the protein skimmer becomes too high the air feed will be automatically shut off via the emergency overflow and excess water can escape, preventing the cup from flooding.

The water level within the protein skimmer can easily be seen in the emergency overflow pipe to help optimize the water level inside the unit.


Black Edition 1.5

Footprint: 330mm x 200mm 
Height: 600mm
Aquarium Size: 1000L – 1500L
Water Level: 170mm - 250mm
Power Consumption:30-34W
Air Max.: 1100L
Body diameter: 160mm
Cup diamater inner tube: 110mm
Pump: E-Flow 4S
Controller: SWC E0

Black Edition 3.0

Footprint: 480mm x 290mm
Height: 605mm
Aquarium Size: 1500L - 3000L
Water Level: 170mm - 250mm
Power Consumption:50W
Air Max.: 1600L
Body diameter: 250mm
Cup diamater inner tube: 140mm
Pump: E-Flow 8S
Controller: SWC E1

Black Edition 7.0

Footprint: 630mm x 350mm
Height: 950mm
Aquarium Size: 3000L – 7000L
Water Level: 180mm - 250mm
Power Consumption: 110W - 130W
Air Max.: 2300L
Body diameter: 300mm
Cup diamater inner tube: 160mm
Pump: E-Flow 12S
Controller: SWC E2