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Deltec 600i Internal Protein Skimmer

Deltec have been a market leader in specialist marine equipment for over 25 years.

These new internal protein skimmers continue their long history of German hand built, high efficiency protein skimmers. They have used their experience to introduce many innovations in skimmer technology over the years, pushing the boundaries of performance and efficiency.

This new range of sump mounted protein skimmers offer a neat compact design containing numerous features, including toolless disassembly, making them easy to use and maintain. They also include a unique safety feature that automatically shuts off the air input if the water level inside the skimmer rises, preventing the skimmer cup from flooding.

The footplate design offers a new approach to water flow inside the skimmer giving better contact time between the air/water mixture without increasing the overall height of the skimmer. This also reduces the chance of micro bubbles escaping into the aquarium and reduces turbulence in the body.  Combined with the classic cylinder body the Deltec internal skimmers maximize performance.



Product features

• Highly efficient cylinder shape
• Emergency overflow with water level indicator
• Hollow footplate design
• Extremely low power consumption
• Whisper quiet operation
• Micro water level adjuster
• Toolless maintenance
• Interchangeable overflow and regulator pipes
• Quick and easy pump removal
• Pump feed / pause button
• Hand built in Germany


• Aquarium size 200 to 600 litres
• Dimensions (LxWxH): 22 x 14 x 51cm
• Deltec DCC 2 24V DC Pump
• 10 stage pump controller
• 125mm body diameter
• 76mm neck diameter
• Power consumption 9 - 21 watts
• Maximum 900 lph air intake
• Optional CSM600 Manual cleaning head available
• For sumps with 15 to 25cm water depth.

Emergency overflow and regulator pipes

Deltec protein skimmers have a newly developed emergency overflow system.

This prevents the collection cup overflowing if the water level in the protein skimmer rises due to the sump water level suddenly increasing, or the air intake becoming blocked. If the water level within the body of the protein skimmer becomes too high the air feed will be automatically shut off via the emergency overflow and excess water can escape, preventing the cup from flooding.

The water level within the protein skimmer can easily be seen in the emergency overflow pipe. In addition, minimum and maximum markings are clearly shown to help optimize the water level inside the unit.

The new flexible design of the Deltec internal protein skimmers also allows the overflow and regulator pipe to be swapped to suit individual setups.


The Deltec 600i protein skimmer is operated with the 24V Deltec DCC 2 pump that can be electronically adjusted with the included ten stage controller. This allows the water flow and air input to be optimised to the specific requirements of the aquarium.

The pump can be slowed to allow a longer dwell time inside the unit for lightly stocked aquariums or increased to suit well stocked aquariums.

The DCC2 pump can generate 900 liters per hour of air using only 21w of power. 

Ergonomic cylinder shape

Thanks to the ergonomic cylinder body shape, the Deltec 600i protein skimmer ensures the best skimming results. 

The shape of the skimmer does not taper or narrow towards the top. This results in the small air bubbles being able to rise unhindered, allowing them to become fully saturated with organics, only bursting in the riser tube inside the collection cup.

This body design also allows for the footprint of the protein skimmer to be as compact as possible allowing it to be neatly installed in most sumps.

Hollow footplate design

This feature allows water to exit the protein skimmer body through a void within the footplate before flowing through into the integrated level adjustment tube and emergency overflow tube. This new design feature means that water will exit the protein skimmer body at the lowest point greatly reducing the chance of micro bubbles escaping, increasing air - water contact time and also reducing noise and turbulence within the protein skimmer body.

Toolless maintenance

Due to waste accumulation and calcium carbonate build up protein skimmers need to be cleaned periodically to maintain peak performance. 

Deltec have incorporated a quick toolless system for dismantling the skimmer and removing the pump. In tests Deltec have been able to remove a pump for cleaning in less than 20 seconds.

The skimmer body can be fully dismantled easily and quickly to allow for easy maintenance, less time spent maintaining equipment and more time to enjoy your aquarium.