If you’re having problems with your Deltec TC/SC DCS protein skimmer pump the chances are that the issue can be resolved by either a strip down and clean or replacement of a worn consumable part. The following article/guide should help identify maintenance issues and return your pump to its former performance.


Please start by reading the following articles, although one deals with removal from the SC protein skimmer

body the pump strip down is the same for both TC and SC models.




Pump will not restart after power outage.


Check bottom bearing position -

The bearing should be pushed into the place. Please see the following FAQ;s for more info


For early skimmers with dual bearing o-rings


Check impeller is clicked home fully -

The impeller must be clicked fully home before starting the pump.The pump impeller has a small o-ring installed under the top bearing plate. This must locate into the groove in the pump body by pushing the impeller into the pump until it clicks into place.

Calcium buildup on shaft/bearings

If the bottom bearing water ways fill with hard calcium carbonate the bearing can overheat due to lack of lubrication. Ensure that  the bearings,shafts and water ways are clean, soaking for 24hrs in Ezeclean solution will break down the hard calcium carbonate


Loss of performance


Check / clean flap-

Inside the outlet of the pump there is a two way flap which changes the shape of the outlet of the pump depending on which way the impeller starts. If it is not free to move due to buildup of calcium or grit then the pump performance can be halved.

This flap must be loose and move easily from side to side when you shake the pump and be heard to clack back and forward. If this is not the case then clean and soak in a suitable acid descaler like Ezeclean.

Check clean Venturi -

A blocked or partially blocked air venturi will present itself by the water level rising within the protein skimmer (SC models) and turbulence increasing within the protein skimmer body and neck. For the TC models the foam level will drop due to less air being pulled into the protein skimmer accompanied by very dry skimming.The venturi starts to block due to calcium carbonate crystals building at the air/water interface.

Clean venturi sections-

To clean the venturi please refer to the following link and scroll down to ' Important maintenance points to check'

For the TC protein skimmer version the venturi can be found at the suction side pump pipework, the white airline is connected to the venturi for both SC and TC models.



Pump runs warm and or cuts out

Check water flow to pump is to NEW revised recommendations shown on the skimmer product pages

Check impeller and bottom bearing is correctly seated as above

Check for debris on the impeller, algae's ,small snails and detritus can wrap around the impeller needles.

There is a thermal cut out on the pump which protects the windings and  the pump will come back on when the pump cools, if this happens continously it indicates an internal problem with the pump and/or lack of water delivered if the skimmer is a TC model. Remove the pump and inspect using the guides above and check the specification of the feed pump taking into account loss for pipe runs which can reduce stated pump output by quite some margin.

General maintenance.

1 week- clean/empty the cup

1 month- Clean the air venturi, check water feed pump is delivering correct supply, check WAL adjustement, check cup o-ring for water tightness,check all fittings are tight

3 month - Lubricate cup o-ring with aquatic silicone grease, check air taps where fitted, remove, part and clean the air silencer of dust

6 month - Remove,clean and inspect the skimmer pump using the guides above replacing parts as required, clean the skimmer water supply pump, clean the skimmer body and pipework. Descale pumps as required using Ezclean.