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Can you fit a calcium reactor in your 1500 reef tank

My LFS adviced me to install the SK 5000 unit AFTER the skimmer.

The actual situation is that  the return water from the tank goes directly into the Clarisea ( first compartment) and then the water passes through the skimmer.


I have the bypass half open so that the skimmer gets a proper amount of waist to take care of. Is this o.k?


    I'm currently running Bio pellets in a reactor which have done a great job of reducing my No3, however my Po4 is still at 0.4ppm. I'm wondering is it ok to run three separate reactors at the same time, one with Bio pellets, one with Po4 remover and one with carbon?

Hi my white dcs 600 pump keeps stopping i can get it going but its on its way out.can you tell me where i can get a replacement rotor for it as i think this is the problem many thanks mick h

I have a 200 gallon aquarium. 160 display and 40 sump. I'm trying to figure out how many grams to use with my reactor. Is 200 grams correct?

Hello. I have just ordered a nitrate filter and what is the best way to feed water to these to achieve 1-2 drops per second?

I was just wondering I am upgrading my aquarium where I have had filter socks and noticed this product and wondered does this negate the need for a filter sock and works alongside a protein skimmer ? If so which model is suitable for a 536 litre aquarium please ?



Can i ask you guys a question about the clarisea 3000 ?
I have a 400L reef tank with a return pump that pumps around 2500l/h.
Is the 3000 model good for my tank or do i have not enough flow ?


ello, I have Deltec SC2560 internal skimmer. Just wondering where I can get a pump for replacement. Current pump making noise and lost performance. Is this possible to upgrade to DC pump?

    Dear all,
    I have 2 hydra 52 and I need your help to set the lighting.
    I think the way it is configured is out of order and I dont like. I will increase my aquarium and I will need more 3 hydra 52 but I first want to find the right setting to see if I'm satisfied.
    My aquarium has sps and lps.
    Please let me know.

Hi does the KH Guardian interface module work with an aquatronica touch controller?



I have an older deltec tc2060 skimmer that I changed the impeller about 6 months ago. Now the pump go for a couple of hours, stop when it becomes warm, start stop over and over. It's getting enough water flow etc.


Is the pump dying?


With best regards


Hi, Could you let me know if the collection cup on the Deltec SC Pro 600i DC skimmer has a drainage valve. Thanks in advance. Richard

Hello there. I'd like to purchase a redox probe and calibration fluids for my NFP 509 and your advise on what make of timer I should buy that is suitable for running the nitrate fluid.

Kind regards

I have just lost my two clownfish as a result of using your supposedly reef safe putty to secure three frags to reef rock. Having searched online as to what has happened and why I have found this posting on your website. Using a one inch length in a 20 gallon tank - the water became extremely cloudy and even though I have a skimmer and carbon reactor it took ages for it to clear. I now understand why - but none of what you state above is repeated on the instructions for use. I will throw the rest in the waste bin and be wiser for it. Unfortunately two lovely fish have perished and I feel so guilty for being as foolish to use this disastrous material. Regardless of the statistics that you quote - I am sure many more people have suffered this outcome.
You need to highlight this possible outcome on your instructions for use in a more prominent position.  I could literally cry.