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Hi does the KH Guardian interface module work with an aquatronica touch controller?



I have an older deltec tc2060 skimmer that I changed the impeller about 6 months ago. Now the pump go for a couple of hours, stop when it becomes warm, start stop over and over. It's getting enough water flow etc.


Is the pump dying?


With best regards


Hi, Could you let me know if the collection cup on the Deltec SC Pro 600i DC skimmer has a drainage valve. Thanks in advance. Richard

Hello there. I'd like to purchase a redox probe and calibration fluids for my NFP 509 and your advise on what make of timer I should buy that is suitable for running the nitrate fluid.

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I have just lost my two clownfish as a result of using your supposedly reef safe putty to secure three frags to reef rock. Having searched online as to what has happened and why I have found this posting on your website. Using a one inch length in a 20 gallon tank - the water became extremely cloudy and even though I have a skimmer and carbon reactor it took ages for it to clear. I now understand why - but none of what you state above is repeated on the instructions for use. I will throw the rest in the waste bin and be wiser for it. Unfortunately two lovely fish have perished and I feel so guilty for being as foolish to use this disastrous material. Regardless of the statistics that you quote - I am sure many more people have suffered this outcome.
You need to highlight this possible outcome on your instructions for use in a more prominent position.  I could literally cry.

I have just purchased the following: deltec calcium reactor pf509 with a co2 set. Can you advise if this needs a feed pump from the sump and if so a good model to use? Also can you advise if the fluidisers/reactor can be submerged in the sump?

je n'arrive pas à télécharger le logiciel myai sur mon ordinateur (système windows 10

Hi, i’ve had the filter installed one day. Yesterday the filter failed to  move on and the alarm went off 3 times, i had to manually advance the filter. I remover the fleece, checked the motor and the path of the fleece and re-installed it. This morning when i went down it was overflowing and alarming again. Again i manually advanced the filter.

I feel this isn’t a properly tested product and that is further backed up by the hanging brackets not fitting correctly and the manufacturer adding bits of rubber you need to wedge in to secure the product, i would like to return this item under the distance selling regulations.

Thank you

All in and running now, little bit concerned as the Clarisea is filling up due to the filter becoming blocked up, my return chamber is running low, the tunze then tops it up, then as the Filter roll runs around to a clean bit the water drains out back into my sump and then raises the level. Setting off the tunze alarm as the level is to high.

I think I know how to over come it.
Split off the float from the level sensor, when the Clarisea is just about to rotate the roll,set the level sensor at that level and set the float on the spare magnet that comes with it at my high level as normal.

When the filter roll turns the level will rise and cover the level sensor, but I can’t see that being a problem and as the water evaporates the sensor will pick it up and trigger the pump to fill again.

I don’t think it would be a problem on larger systems as the return chambers aren’t as small as mine and not so sensitive to fluctuations.

Just got to find my spare magnet and float holder to prove my theory.

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I need help setting up a good light schedule that also has a good lunar set up I would like it to be a really dim clear white light but enough to see into the tank I everyone i talk to says something different about the liggt set up so I don't know i have 3 hydra 26s in a 120 gallon tank thanks for the help

Hi my sk300 is not working it is just one week old since the frist frist day it has not worked alarm keeps going off I reset the switch and the motor turns twice third time it rolls the alarm keep going off back to the same problem I think that it need to go back ?? Thank you  r .martin

hi tony,  what is the required flow through the 39w uv to kill whitespot so i can put the exact pump needed on please ?

dear sirs
i am writing to you to let you know how bitterly disappointed i am regarding your lack of customer satisfaction . as i purchased sol lights for almost £2000 , was told that they would last for a good 8 years.  and when 1 led goes down after 2.5 years to find out from my retailer that you do not support this product anymore
 i think it is totally disgusting and entrapment to make people buy later models .
so what happens when a newer version comes out after the hydra 52 ?  they will be discarded to the scrap heap for further entrapment for profit ? after customers have paid over £2000 ?
 with everyone recycling and trying to improve on not throwing items away , i wanted you to know i think your way of running a business is both just greed and has no respect for the customer , who is already in an expensive hobby that could do with a little help at times , and certainly a little co-operation
            a very unhappy  customer, whom will do everything NOT  to buy your products  again !!!!

       G. Bell

hi folks, have just obtained a new redsea reefer 525xl and looking to bye a recomended sump pump and skimmer to suit. the tank is said to hold 525 lts of water. have asked the same questions on differant chat webs but no answers then come across your page.
many thanks

hi I have just purchased and installed the clarisea sk-5000

First question should it of come with any instructions as I didn't get any

Second problem I have come home twice and the alarm has been going off the water level isn't at the float switch height. if I reset it them everything works ok and it works again. I can make it wind by lifting the float switch so I don't think it had Jammed .
any ideas why it is doing this

Regards IAN