Do I need a new motor for my ClariSea?




There is very little that could go wrong with the ClariSea motor itself and it is likely that in 99% of cases it does not need replacing. If you think your motor has failed or is not working properly please look at the following points as they will probably solve the issue.



  • The controller alarms and the lights flash when the play button on the controller is pressed. This can be a sign of the motor wires becoming loose, as above, and causing a short circuit. Please use the link in the above point on how to fix this. It is also worth checking that the red connector joining the motor to the controller has not become wet or has salt residue inside it. This will also cause the controller to short circuit and alarm. Any moisture or residue should be cleaned away with dry paper roll.


  • If the motor makes a noise when activated, with the play button or float, but fails to advance the fleece it is likely that the drive cruciform has slipped or become damaged. This is easy to fix without replacing the motor. It is important that the drive cruciform screw is located properly and not bent or broken. If the screw has broken and there is a small piece remaining in the motor shaft it can be removed using a small flat head screwdriver or pointed tool, please click here for a demonstration video.

The cruciform also must sit properly on its locating nubs within the dirty roll housing. Click here for information on how to check the drive cruciform and what to look out for. It is also worth checking that the two rollers at the bottom of the unit are clean and that the fleece can move past them freely, if the rollers are dirty it is best to strip the unit down and give it a clean. Never use hot or boiling water, this will damage the components of the ClariSea and stop it working properly.


  • If the fleece is forming a bulge on one side or in the middle it will cause tension on the unit and may result in the controller alarming or cruciform to fail, preventing damage to the motor. The fleece will need re-aligning if there is a bulge on one side or it is drifting to one side, click here for more information and how to change the alignment. If a bulge is forming in the middle of the dirty roll a spacer tube may be needed to straighten the guide plate, this is only relivant to the SK5000 model, click here for more information.