When I press the play button on my ClariSea controller it keeps beeping but the motor does not advance, what is happening?




If the smart controller sounds the audable alarm 5 times along with the flashing of the status lights when the play button is depressed it is indicating that it can detect a short circuit. This will cause the controller to repeatedly run through its re-boot cycle as it will shut down to protect itself.

There may be a few reasons this could be happening.

  • The motor cable may have been pulled loose causing the wires to contact each other. This is possible to repair without relacing the motor. Please click here for more information.
  • The waterproof connector that joins the motor on to the controller may have become wet bridging the contacts. Unplug the controller from the mains power supply and then disconnect the red connector and inspect it for any signs of moisture or salt residue. This should be dried and cleaned with some paper towel before reconnecting.
  • The controller itself may have got wet, look for moisture or signs of salt residue. It is possible to flip the cover off of the controller using a small flat head screwdriver and inspect the circuit board inside. If this is done always unplug the unit from the mains power supply before proceeding and take note of the orientation of the case so that it can be repositioned correctly when finished.