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ClariSea SK-3000

The ClariSea fleece filter is a high efficiency water filtration system which effectively removes suspended particles such as micro algae, detritus, food, organic waste and debris from the water column. Suitable for use in marine aquariums, freshwater aquariums, fish-breeding systems and coral propagation systems.

A ClariSea filter will completely replace the need for high maintenance filter socks and result in crystal clear aquarium water. 


The use of a ClariSea fleece filter will ensure the highest possible filtration efficiency for optimal light penetration to enhance growth of your corals and plants.

Continuously removes detritus & organic waste from the water column preventing it breaking down into nitrate & phosphate in your aquarium.

The ClariSea fleece filter dramatically reduces the load on your protein skimmer by removing even the smallest of particles.

Constant filtration results in reduced maintenance of pumps, wave makers and protein skimmers, plus... no more socks to clean.

A ClariSea fleece filter will noticeably reduce the accumulation of detritus in your aquarium substrate and sump.


  • High volume filtration capacity
  • Minimal installation footprint
  • Completely replaces the need for filter socks 
  • Self-assembly for easy cleaning
  • Multiple installation options 
  • Automatic advance of dirty fleece 
  • Multi-function smart controller
  • End of roll audible alarm
  • Filter jam/float error/water depth alarm
  • Phosphate free fleece material
  • Special low-odour fleece material
  • Integrated fail-safe overflow 
  • Silencer plates for quiet operation
  • Water bypass system


  • Recommended flow rate: 3,000 l/h (800 US gph)
  • Particle size removal: down to 20 microns 
  • Maximum submerged water depth: 20cm (8”)
  • Hang-on bracket height adjustment: up to 12cm (4”) 
  • Maximum sump glass thickness for hang on bracket: 13mm (1/2")
  • Recommended aquarium size at 5 x tank turn over (3000l/hr) = 600lt
  • Recommended aquarium size at 4 x tank turn over (3000l/hr) = 750lt
  • Inlet connection: 32mm ( 1" fitting for the U.S ) Click Here for pipe sizing information.
  • Filter fleece: 10cm (4”) width – length 40m (131ft)



Mounting & Installation Options

The Gen2 ClariSea is very flexible and easy to position within your sump: 

• You can hang it on the back, front or sides of the most sumps.
• You can freestand it on the base of a shallow sump with a water level below 200mm.
• you can freestand it on a box or shelf in deeper sumps.
• You can feed it from the front or from the back.
• You can feed water from the top, side or at an angle.
• You can even pump feed it.

ClariSea Gen 2 has been voted as one of Reefbuilders top 10 products of 2018. Read the review here.

Smart Controller Functions

Buttons & Indicators

Motor button
Manually advances fleece motor
Alarm button
Press alarm button for 1 - 2 seconds to turn off audible alarm. Alarm condition will still be present
  • Red LED still flashing
  • Automatic advance of fleece disabled.
  • Motor button will still function as manual advance.

Pressing the alarm button for more than 5 seconds will fully reset the controller, completely clearing the alarm state.

Disconnecting power will also reset the controller and clear the alarm state.

Normal Operation

Initialisation (Power on or reset):
• Blue/Red LED will both flash 5 times, an audible alarm will sound with each flash
• Blue LED will remain on.
Motor Advance:
Manual or automatic, Blue LED flashes
Possible Alarm Conditions:
The alarm will sound if the roll cannot advance or the float is activated for more than 5 seconds.
• Red alarm LED will flash
• Audible alarm will sound for 2 seconds every 5 seconds
Automatic advance of fleece disabled.
If the float is not activated for 8 hours indicating the fleece is possibly empty.
• Blue/Red LED both flashing, audible alarm will sound for 1 second every 2 seconds
Automatic advance of fleece disabled.
If there is a possible installation error and the float is not triggered with 48 hours after initial set-up or reset.
• Red LED will flash at 10 second intervals the audible alarm will sound with each flash
Automatic advance of fleece disabled.

Installation advice, tips and FAQ's


You MUST only use the 20mm bolt to attach the motor to the ClariSea as per our Quick start guide below. Do not use the 30mm bolt, (used for the clean fleece), as this will result in damage to the motor assembly.



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For the Quick Start Guide and dimensional drawings please download the files below.



Clarisea Assembly Instructions

ClariSea Changing the fleece roll