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I have a small water cooler dc300, it seams to have lost it effectiveness, can these coolers be recharged with coolant,  thanks b

hi  Can I use the AI SOL for a tropical freshwater aquarium and if so what light level settings would be required for a planted and fish set up.


Hi there,

Does the D-D Slimline designer bracket attach to a braced tank, or is it 
designed for braceless?

If so, Is there a particular distance from the rim of the tank to the braces 
that needs to be met?

Many thanks,

Hi Stuart,


I hope you don't mind me asking another question.


I am really torn between 2 x 52s and 3 x 26s.  With the price of th eextra bracket, there isn't much difference in price.  In my mind I thought that 2 x 52HDs would give me 8 clusters of LEDs, whereas the 3 x 26HDs only 6.  Make sense?  Then I reread your email where you advised me that 3 x 26HDs might be the best way and you stated that "3 x Hydra 26 has about the same power as 2 x Hydra 52".  Am I missing something?  Do the 26HDs have more power per cluster?


Really grateful for your advice here - it's a big investment for me!



Hi can you tell me if Rowaphos will remove red sea 
nitrate/phosphate reducer thanks.

Hi I have just bought 2 of your excellent lights the Hydra 52 
HDs but I'm having trouble setting setting the light duration I want the 
lights to come on at 8.00am I have done that bit then ramp up for 10.00am 
then from 10.00am till 6.00pm constant then I want them to go off at 9.00pm 
but there not going off at 9.00pm what am I doing wrong I 
just don't understand.

Hi I've recently bought the nitrate filter along with a 32ml dd peri pump and 
1ml peri pump , my tank is 600 litres , I'm struggling to slow to flow down 
to a drip every couple of seconds without the airline tube blowing off to 
Peru pump to the tap on the filter , is there something I'm doing wrong ? 
Just that every time I try adjust the flow of wAter coming in the tube just 
comes off
Thanks in advanced tom

We have just bought a chiller though Maidenhead Aquatics in Guildford.  It was set at maximum of 26 C but last night it went up to 26.4 C.  I checked the settings - by holding SET for 3 seconds and it was indeed still set to a maximum of 26.  The tank holds about 450 litres so I would have thought the DC-750 would be powerful enough to keep it at 26 C. 

Any ideas?

I know you are an expert on Hydra’s but if you are not familiar with chillers, do you have an equivalent to you for the DC Series?

Hi, I have a dc750 chiller and I have noticed a few problems 
with it recently. It seems to take a long time to chill (so probably needs 
gassing) and it has now started to get "stuck" on 26.9 degrees. It was bought 
5/6 years ago online and I have been unable to retrieve the information 
regarding its purchase. Do you provide servicing of chillers? If not what do 
you recommend I do to overcome the issues I'm experiencing?

Could you please explain the reason for the 8 stage settings on the DC PUMP, and what settings on these for the sump return pump set at 6000 ltrs per hour
Kind Regards


Hi. I purchased a SC2060 about 18 months ago and although it is a great 
skimmer I have had to purchase 2 new impellers in this time. I have  a 
concern that there is not quite enough clearance between the impeller head 
and the front cover plate. This then causes the impeller to touch the front 
plate and snap the shaft from the head. Please can you give me some advise as 
to whether this is a known problem and as to how it can be remedied ? My 
opinion is that by maybe adding a second or third rubber O ring, it could 
give the fractional more clearance that is needed. Would it be possible for 
some to be issued to me to try ? As I said previously, it is a fantastic 
product, however 2 replacement £120 impellers in 18 months is expensive and 
changing my opinion of a great skimmer. Please can you help and advise of a 
solution ?

Many thanks

our Message: Hi I have a new tank (marine) I am setting up its 187 gallons + 
47 gallon sump.  I was going to go for the FR509 Fluidised Reactor  but is 
this big enough.   I have seen a few people mention they use this one with a 
similar size tank that's the reason I went for it, but will go with what you 
suggest I will be running rowa phos  could  tell me what sort of water flow I 
should be needing with this,  as I need to buy pump for it,  and how much 
media to use... Many thanks.  Carol


I have a 200L marine aquarium and I have been told that I should run a biopellet reactor to help combat the nuisance algae and improve the quality of my water for my fish and corals.

I have no idea how to set up a system like this but know I have to use biopellets, a reactor and a pump.

Will you please advise what equipment to use and how to set it up and run it successfully?

Many thanks.


Can you tell me adaptor I need so I connect this to my 25mm union


I am currently using on of your RO units due to having a large level of 
Phosphates in the water from the tap, the tank is still showing above desired 
levels of phosphates in the tank.

I have seen that you do a kit that hangs on the side of a sump, I am 
currently have 1000 litre fresh water tank which is filtered by two external 

I am looking to see if you have anything that would work on the tank to keep 
the phosphates down and kept at the desired level.

many thanks