How do I remove the quartz sleeve from my D-D UV unit for cleaning?




Before starting any mintenance work on the UV it is important to unplug the unit from the power source and isolate the unit from water flow. 

If installed inside an aquarium cabinet or in restricted space it is best to remove the uv completely. Please be aware that water will still potentially be inside the unit so care should be taken when undoing any connections.

To remove the quartz sleeve first unscrew the cable gland and then the end cap. Carefully slide the cap up the cable away from the unit to reveal the connections to the UV lamp and disconnect. Then carefully slide the lamp out of the housing.

There is a black rubber bung that sits between the body and quartz sleeve to stop water leaking from the unit. Get your finger tips onto the bung and carefully twist and pull the bung and the sleeve should come with it. Always take care when removing the sleve as it is fragile.

When replacing the sleeve back in to the housing do not drop it in as it may crack, carefully slide it back in until the end is resting in the bottom of the unit.

For information on how to clean the quartz sleeve click here.