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Hi,  I have just purchased your fluidised reactor FMR 75 with the pump 
included. I have noticed that the pump is very noisy, especially so after 
turning the flow reducer as instructed to do so in the manual. Is this normal 
or does it sound like I have a faulty/defective pump.  It is so noisy I can't 
currently use the unit and am going to have to purchase a separate pump.



Hi There,
I fitted an FMR75 (bought from Waterlife heathrow) a couple of days ago to my 
marine tank, all looks well and good except the check valve and one-way 
valves seemed to both be leaking at a very slow rate. I've kept an eye on it 
since and see that its getting worse, at least for the one-way valve.
At the one way valve it seems to come from the joint in the casing, and for 
the check valve under the control knob.
Before starting the hunt for better valves I thought it mail you and see if 
there is anything you can do for this?

Please could you send me an up to date price list with options for this 
particular tank.

Dear Sir/Madam


I bought a SC1455 protein skimmer in March 2014 from Charterhouse Aquatics. I have my tank cleaned every two weeks by Jason from Fanatic Aquatics the protein skimmer is cleaned every time and we do a full clean about every 6 weeks. To begin with the protein skimmer was excellent and skimmed far better than my Bubblemagus protein skimmer. 

However after the last few months it will not skim consistenly. I estimated that I spend about 30 minutes a week adjusting the protein skimmer but it will not skim consistenly, and on many days I can't get the bubbles to reach the protein skimmer cup at all. Even adjusting everything that can be adjusted.

The protein skimmer sits in 18cm of water in it's own compartment in the sump. I would be happy to send you photos if that would help.

Through Jason I buy a lot of products from you and I normally view your products as the top end of aquarium products. However, I don't understand how I paid £299.00 for a product that simply I can not get to work and I have to spend many hours just trying to get to work. I am not sure if it is just me that is doing something wrong.

I have never written a letter of complaint before but I am really disappointed with the product.

Is there anything I can do to make the protein skimmer work more consistently, and in fact on some occasions work at all? If there is nothing I am doing wrong and the product is designed in this way please could you recommend another product for me from your range?


I have just bought a litre tub of your Rowaphos from a UK supplier. I notice 
it has quite a lot of rusty brown and red particles in it is that correct?

Many thanks Colin

Could you please advise me want is the procedure to remove the pump from the 
protein skimmer body for cleaning

 purchased external tc2060 several years ago. I am just now setting it up.
which although unused, time has expired warranty. bought through marine 
depot, which also no longer sells the product.

I ran the protein skimmer for about 5 minutes, worked fine. I shut it down as it was 
over bubbling and did not have time to adjust. It is set up on a brand new 
system with new water.

I went back today, to watch it and adjust levels, and the protein skimmer pump did 
not run. I can feel it running. it is silent. I disassembled  the pump, 
nothing seems wrong. impeller turns freely with extractor tool. (or as freely 
as can with magnet pulling). There is no build up or blockage, as it is brand 
new. The impeller spins freely inside the guide as well.

I did run with extractor tool attached. it will run if started with slight 
touch, and maybe start up again by itself, but hook it back up, or plug it in 
and out a few times and stops again.

any help is appreciated


Dear Sir or Madam,

I am contacting you because I will buy a calcium reactor (PF509), however, I would like to know which other equipment I need to get to have a full equipped calcium reactor for my reef tank? Please give me your product references to get order.

Best regards,



I purchased one of your refractometers from my LFS about 6-8 months ago.  One 
of the glass pieces in the eyepiece has come loose.  It has never been 
dropped or abused.  Do you guys have a warranty or repair policy?


Hi. Is it at all possible to mail me some instructions to fit the resin pod onto my 50gpd unit. As I've not a clue where to start. Thanks . Regards. Julie

Hi I had just ordered a custom tank and its 510litres in main 
tank and 100litres in sump I'm after a good bio pellet reactor I see that you 
have a reactor that has a pump with it would this one be able to cope with 
the size of my aquarium many thanks Leigh

I will be getting a 3x2x2 clearseal marine tank and want to use either a 
hydra 52 or 2 hydra 26. It would be a closed top marine tank as we wouldn't 
want the light bounce on the roof of the living room that comes with an open 
top marine tank. This would. Mean the led unit would be mounted to the lid 
which would mean that the unit will be 6 inches from the water. Would one 
hydra 52 provide sufficient light without dark spots if lid mounted or would 
2 lid mounted hydra 26 be a better option to provide sufficient light without 
dark spots


Hi I have recently set up a crystal red shrimp tank with some 
plants in it. I notice there might be some algae on the sponge of my hang on 
filter (i also have an eheim cannister running as well). I want to know 
whether is there a side effect on using rowaphos especially towards the very 
sensitive shrimps? ph/gh/kh/tds fluctuation?


Been battling with my phosphates recently. Tanks been up since last xmas, and 
its a 250 litre. Added a fluid reactor a few weeks ago with rowaphos. I've 
been stuck at 0.08 phos for weeks.

I was told to reduce flow so just a trickle is coming out of my reactor. So 
did this and waited a week.

Tested my water this morning. Both tank and fluid reactor output. I'm now 
getting what appears to me to be a clear test tube. Not the yellow the 0 
colour on the test kit indicates, but from what I see clear.

Is this normal? Or should I be getting the yellowish colour the kit tells me 
I should get for 0??

Test was performed as follows :

Wash out tubes in RO
12ml tank water to tube A for colour comparison
6ml tank water to tube B for testing
Add drops from bottle A and swirl
Add drops from bottle B and swirl
Add remaining 6ml to tube B and swirl
Wait 6 mins.

I've been doing it this way to avoid contamination from the tube lid. As it 
always seems to give me higher results if I do it the way the instructions 
say to.


Hi Tony,

Hope you are well?
Hopefully you can help put my mind at ease on the topic of Phosphate and Rowaphos?

I have an Aqua One 195 tank with fish, Soft and LPS corals. I feed the fish a twice a day a mixture of flake/pellets/frozen and corals every 2-3 days on DD LPS powder, Salifert liquid and Fauna Marin pellets.

I've been running your Rowaphos and FM75 Reactor for atleast 2 months but I can't seem to get my levels below 0.075.

When I started using it my level was 0.15 so its reduced but not to below 0.03-0.05 where I'd like to be. I've been testing both the Reactor output and main tank water. Test kits are Elos High Resolution and Nyos. 

I started with 50ml of Rowaphos and kept replacing it every few days but then tried 75ml and then 100ml the last couple of times. I've never managed the output water to test anything below 0.075. I've seen your YouTube 'Simmering' video and tried various flow rates but to no avail.      

Could you suggest any ideas of how I can keep lowering my levels? Should I go back to replacing 50ml (or more?) on a regular basis until it drops and be patient?

I've had a few Acans start to recede recently and I'm a bit paranoid its Phosphate related? I also get a light dusting of algae on the glass every 3 days which needs cleaning.

Hope you can help on this?

Best Regards