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I obtained this info from Deltec webpage.  I broke the tip off the air inlet adapter off my deltec MCE300 protein skimmer.  Can you assist with replacement?  I believe it is P/N 31115700 .





I have recently bought a second hand MCE 600. The Aquabee 
runs perfectly for about 2 minutes and then trips the switch in the consumer 
unit. It does this when in the protein skimmer and also when in a bucket of fresh 
water, with or without air input. There is no vibration and it doesn't seem 
to get hot. Any ideas please, I'm baffled?

Hi my mce300 protein skimmer suddenly stopped working as it should eg.not 
enough water going through as normal..I purchased a new pump and impeller 
needle wheel from you but it is still the same just wondered if you could 
help me diagnose the fault thank you

   I am sure you have had load of questions on this protein skimmer but i keep 
getting conflicting information, I have the old MCE600 protein skimmer, can i upgrade 
this to the turbo version? If so what parts do i need to change and how much 
are they and where can i get them in the UK. your help will be mush 

Kind regards mark

Hi guys

I'm torn between the mce 400 and mce 600 protein skimmer..

I have a 250ltr tank and it will be hanging on the rear or the tank,can you 
confirm the depth of the body once it's hanging on the tank to the back wall.
Am I correct in saying the mce 400 is 77mm (body depth only) and the mce 600 
80-90mm (body depth only).??

Also if I have the room is the 600 going to really offer me better 

Cheers shame

Your brand of UV has been highly recommended to me for my reef tank, to help 
against parasites and algae. I have approx. 360 litre reef aquarium, could 
you advise what size would best suit?
Sorry but im not quite sure from the read up in the description.

Many Thanks

Hi, I am looking at some new lights for a new tank, the tank 
will be 6' in length, 18" in width and 24" in height, I am fish only with 
live rock, and was considering two AI Hydra units, one mounted either side of 
the central brace in the tank, I believe the Hydra's are 80 degree optics, so 
will two of these be sufficient for a tank of this size?  Or would I be 
looking at adding another light at a later date maybe?  Also, ideally I don't 
want to ceiling mount the unit, so was looking at tank mount and rails, can 
you confirm which rail and mount I would need please, and how many inches 
above the top of the tank the light would sit using the tank mounts and 
rails?  The water line in the tank will be approx 3 inches lower than the top 
of the tank due to not using a traditional weir system, I am using an 
overflow system drilled into the back of the tank so this will give me a 
little extra space at the top of the tank which will allow for additional 
light spread, many thanks

Kindly i want to know how to keep rowaphos damp all the time. Cause I'm from  middle east, I always order pig quantity and after year or more become dry any ideas

Hi, I have a RSM 250 and im looking to change the lighting 
system by removing the hood and running the hydra led. Can you recommend what 
led set i would need and also what i would need to install them. Im not 
looking to suspend the lights from the ceiling, but rather have them attached 
to the tank. I think that would suit the look of the tank better. Id 
appreciate your info on this as its an expensive conversion and one i want to 
get right

i have a Phosban Reactor 150 Media Reactor, I have algae and 
high phosphate level in my tank what media do I put into my new reactor to 
reduce phosphate level? Is it De-nitrate or Rowa Phos? I am getting more 


I purchased an RO unit yesterday 3rd September 2014 and was getting 003ppm. 
Today I went to make a batch of RO water and it's coming out ait 006ppm.

Is there a bedding in period....when will I obtain 0(zero) ppmu

Hi guys,

I realise the Hydra 52 offers 7 channels of control regarding colour, but can 
each of the 'pucks' (of which tere are four in total) be programmed and 
controlled individually? So is it possible, say, for the left hand puck to be 
illuminated first, working across to full illumination, then having the right 
hand puck to be the last illuminated, giving a 'sunrise' effect that sweeps 
across the tank?

Hi have a pure v2 reverse osmosis 75 gallon would  I be able to  upgrade it to 150 gallon are higher , what would I need to purchase , my unit it fitted with flush valve  thanks

I need some help and advice, I brought the Red Sea AquaZone 200 Plus Deluxe 
Ozoniser however have been researching further and came to know that its not 
recommended to be used with the C-Skim 1800 protein Skimmer which I currently run in 
my Red Sea Max 650 S aquarium.
Can you advise me on which of your protein skimmers you recommend will be 100% 
compatible with the Red Sea AquaZone 200 Plus Deluxe Ozoniser and a 650 L 
Reef Aquarium?