Can I use Nutrifix bio pellets when using a disease treatment in the aquarium?




Nutri-fix  bio pellets supply bacterial populations with a solid carbon source, this in itself should have no effect on aquarium treatments.

However if the treatment requires you to turn off the protein skimmer we would recommend removing the pellets. This is because the skimmer is required to export bacterial mulm whilst increasing the O2 content of the aquarium. Nutri fix bio pellets encourage de-nitrifying bacteria to grow on their surface, as part of bacterial respiration oxygen is taken by the bacteria. If you were to have a sudden increase in bacteria whilst the skimmer was off you could potentially suffer low oxygen levels in the tank.

If the pellets have to be removed for a period of time it will be necessary to wash them off in RO water and store them dry. If the pellets are left with no water flow through them the bacteria on their surface will die, this may cause the surrounding water to become toxic. When the course of treatment is finished and the skimmer running the bio pellets can be used again but would have to be matured as from new.