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Hi Tony

 I'm still having problems with my feed pump on the SC2060 skimmer.

I spoke with Stuart when I experienced the problems previously and he kindly sent me a tap to attach to the air intake and told me to set this to about 1 o'clock, which I did. Since then all appears to have been fine however I went away for 4 days at the weekend and on my return last night the skimmer was not working!

The person responsible for looking after my fish whilst I was away is a non fish keeper so won't have noticed it had stopped, so I can't say how long it hadn't been on. That said, when I took it apart last night the pump and impellor were still both pretty warm, so I presume it hadn't been off too long.

Stuart had previously mentioned that you were awaiting delivery of some new bearings that should resolve the problem.

My main concern is that as I'm out at work during the day etc, I'm not entirely sure if this is an ongoing problem, whereby the skimmer stops every so often or just a one off.



Hi Nick
The modified spacer/washers are now available, if you would like to forward your address and let me know where and
when the skimmer was purchased ill arrange to get one sent out to you.
Basically Deltec have identified an instance where the bottom bearing moves slightly when the impeller starts.
As the bottom bearing is of a semi floating installation it should self center and return, due to the very close
tolerances between the bearing and impeller shaft a small movement can bind the two if the bearing doesn't
center and align.
The bearing is held in place by two rubber o-rings, these usually allow the bearing to move but in some instances
the bearing becomes a little too snug and the o-rings stop the bearing from centering again.
To solve this Deltec are supplying a spacer/washer to those customers effected, one of the o-rings are removed
and the spacer is fitted in its place. This allows the bearing to move a little more on the impeller axel and prevent
binding on restart.
The old bearing can be removed by inserting a Phillips style long shaft screw driver of similar outer width to that of the
internal aperture of the bearing and gently moving the handle side to side whilst pulling back on the handle.
This will maneuver the bearing out of its seat, i have included an image of the modified washer/spacer to
better show the modification.
All pumps that Deltec are now sending out include this new modified bearing arrangement
I have cc'd this onto other D-D team members for info.
Regards and best wishes. Tony