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Re deltec skimmer pump model SC 2560. 3 times we have had problems with our skimmer pump and your NZ agent has only partially replaced the body. No impellor and no end plate, and takes weeks each time. This skimmer of ours is still under warranty and it hasnt even been a month and the same problem happens, which is every time we turn the power off to clean we have to unscrew the end cap to get it started again. And if it happens during the night, by the next morning the pump is burnt out.
Would prefer to know what the problem is and we want a complete new pump not just partial replacements. Also waiting months on end for a solution is unacceptable .


I will pass this on to the factory for you and Wolfgang will respond.

In our experience it is only necessary to replace the impellor and body of the pump as the end plate and suction pipework does not have an effect on any skimmer issue.

This sounds like a starting problem which can be in my experience caused by 2 reasons.

1 - the impellor is not pushed fully home until the o ring at the top clicks into the groove in the pump body. Apply a little silicone grease to ensure this is fully home and cannot pop out again which would cause the impellor to catch on the suction plate and inhibit reliable starting.

2 - There have been a couple of modifications to the bottom bearing arrangement. If the bottom bearing is not completely inline with the impellor then it can cause the shaft to bind on the bearing ceramic and cause the restarting problem. The initial bearings had 2 o rings to hold them straight however it was later found that it is better to only have one o ring and to allow the bearing to tip and align itself. There is a modification which you can carry out which is illustrated in the following FAQ on our website

Initially if you just remove the bottom o ring whilst waiting for the spacer to arrive then this will allow restarting.

Wolfgang at Deltec will be able to help you further if necessary