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Bladerunner Replacement Blades

Pack of two replacement blades to suit the Blade Runner Standard and Strong. The quick change design allows the blade to be simply unclipped and replaced without the need for tools. On glass aquariums it is possible to use the metal blade on one side of the Blade Runner for tough algae removal and the plastic blade on the other for general use.


DDBRB001 Replacement Plastic Blades, Pack of 2

Plastic blades are designed for use on acrylic surfaces and general algae removal on Glass.


DDBRB02 Replacement Metal Blades, Pack of 2

Metal blades are made from a high grade marine stainless and are for use on glass aquariums only.


Notes on Use

  • Do not use metal blades on acrylic aquariums.
  • Take care of sharp edges when replacing blades.
  • Do not use blades on dry surfaces.
  • Take care not to pick up sand or gravel.
  • Take care when using near silicone joints.
  • Take extra care on low iron glass as this is easier to scratch than normal glass.
  • Manufacturer assumes no liability for any damage to the aquarium due to improper use of the product.