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An ultra-slim cleaning magnet using strong rare earth magnets.

Designed to run on 2 blades for minimal contact with the glass or acrylic surface, which will reduce the potential for accidental scratching. The neutral buoyancy sinks slowly aiding simple recapture of the magnet and will not plummet to the bottom of the tank if it is knocked off, causing potential damage to delicate corals.


• Versions suitable for 10-15mm or 15-20mm glass/acrylic ( Only Plastic blades to be used for Acrylic )
• Suitable for freshwater and saltwater aquariums
• Gentle on glass surface
• Ultra-slim design to clean into tight spaces
• Full width blades for quick efficient cleaning
• Neutral buoyancy (slow sinking)
• Wide body for better grip and ease of use
• Includes 2x plastic blades and 1x stainless steel blade
• Replacement blades available


Notes on Use

  • Do not use metal blades on acrylic aquariums.
  • Take care of sharp edges when replacing blades.
  • Do not use blades on dry surfaces.
  • Take care not to pick up sand or gravel.
  • Take care when using near silicone joints.
  • Take extra care on low iron glass as this is easier to scratch than normal glass.
  • Manufacturer assumes no liability for any damage to the aquarium due to improper use of the product.