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D-D P1-STP Continuous Use Peristaltic Pump

The D-D P1-STP is an app-controlled, stepper motor peristaltic pump, with direct Wi-Fi or Cloud connectivity suitable for true 24/7 continuous use.

The direct drive stepper motor allows true continuous 24/7 running, ideal for supplying water to equipment which requires constant flow rates such as calcium reactors or nitrate reactors. It can also be used in dosing mode as a long-life, high precision dosing pump for larger dosing volumes.

With its compact design and versatile programming this pump is suitable for a wide range of applications and does not take up lots of valuable cabinet space. 

Aggressive Chemicals: The pump heads and hose fitted to our pumps as standard are suitable for handling certain more aggressive chemicals that are commonly used in the aquarium, such as Iodine and Reef Zlements pH Plus. This is not always the case for other manufacturers.

Continuous Running Mode

Due to the robust stepper motor and quality pump head using Pharmed tubing the D-D P1-STP Peristaltic pump is suitable for constant 24/7 running. This makes it ideal for applications where precise volumes of water need to be delivered, something that is not achievable with standard pumps, especially at lower flow rates.

The precise flow rate is easily set in the app by simply entering the amount you want to supply and confirming, no temperamental valves to adjust or estimating how much water you are actually delivering. Any adjustments are just as easy as well as pausing the pump for maintenance and resuming with minimal effort through the simple app control.

With a flow rate of 1-70 ml/min the D-D P1-STP is suitable for Deltec calcium reactors up to the PF601 and Nitrate reactors NPF509 or NPF512.

Dosing Mode

In addition to use as a continuous pump the pump can also be switched in to dosing mode for precise liquid additions. In this setting not only can small additions down to 0.1ml be made but larger additions that, although possible with a standard dosing pump, would normally cause excess wear due to the long run time.

In dosing mode the D-D P1-STP features all the control flexibility that you would expect from a good quality unit with options to dose on certain days, between set times or even have different dosing schedule’s at different times during a 24 hour period. Built in monitoring can be set to keep track of the amount of liquid left in your dosing containers and will display how many days you have left before needing to re-fill.

Cloud App Control

The D-D P1-STP is fully app controlled through your smart phone or tablet. The free app download is available in both IOS and Android versions.

Using the Kamoer Remote app it is possible to choose between connecting the pump through your home router allowing access to the unit from anywhere in the world or use a local connection to connect directly from your mobile device. Both options will give you full access to the flexible settings of the D-D P1-STP.

The app allows the running mode for the pump to be set, calibration of the pump head, firmware updates (when connected via a home router), dosing schedules or continuous flow rate settings.

In continuous mode a maintenance reminder can also be set to remind you when the pump head is due for replacement and will display the amount of time the head has been in service.



  • Continuous, Manual or Automatic dosing modes.
  • Suitable for 24/7 continuous use.
  • Adjustable flow/dosing rates in continuous or programmable mode.
  • Dosing frequency, daily / every ‘X’ days / specific days.
  • Up to 24 dosing points per day.
  • Custom dosing period.
  • Calculates and displays remaining liquid in dosing container.
  • Direct-drive pump head for greater accuracy.
  • Pharmed BPT long life pump tubing.
  • Threaded connections on pump head for greater security.
  • Calibration function.
  • Battery backup feature to retain correct time.



  • Stepper motor allows true 24/7 long life continuous use
  • Adjustable flow/dosing rates in continuous or programmable mode
  • Dosing frequency, daily / every ‘X’ days / specific days
  • Up to 24 dosing points per day
  • Custom dosing period
  • Calculates and displays remaining liquid in dosing container
  • Direct-drive pump head for greater accuracy
  • Pharmed BPT long life pump tubing
  • Threaded connections on pump head for greater security
  • Calibration function
  • Battery backup feature to retain correct time.

Included In The Box

  • P1-STP peristaltic pump.
  • Power adapter.
  • 2m of 3mm x 5mm PVC tube.
  • Measuring cylinder for calibration.
  • Quick start guide.


Instruction Manual Download