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Hi, was wondering what reef food would be best, i have SPS corals and was 
aking whats best to use, the reef paste or the SPS coral food, I have a Rio 
180 with 2 clowns, 1 butterfly tang, 1 regal tang, blenny, 1 damsel and 
various CUC

Sorry for the Q but newbie here, tank been running for 4 months


We are looking to replace our Aquarium UV steriliser and pump, but getting 
confused on all the info on what size steriliser and pump we need. Can you 
help and advise us on what pumps and UV you can supply and recommend?
We have a 800 gallon fresh water aquarium, currently running a 72w UV ( but 
having problems with it and so looking to replace this and the pump.
Hoe you can help & look forward to hearing back from you soon.
Many thanks

Hi, wondered if you could advise me, I have just set up a red sea reefer 450 
& have used a dd fl4000 & I finding it very noisy unless I turn the flow down 
to half then of course it's not doing what is required . The suction cups are 
used & the unit sits in the middle of the sump, also there is no strain on 
the outlet hose. Could you advise

Hi Tony,

I seem to have a light issue with my 2 x  hydra 26.  You set up a preset for me before which seems to have dissapeared again!  Possibly my fault!

I have tried setting the lights up for my 400L 4 x 2 x 2 in which i have mixed sps & lps but all I seem to have managed is to grow some algae...and loads of it.  The glass needs cleaned at least once a day!  All my parameters are fine.  Are you able to advise on the correct settings and possibly install the preset you did before?

All the corals seem fine though a few dont open as much as I think they should.

Hopefully you can help me get this sorted!

Many Thanks



Dear Derek

I have added another preset similar to before

How high above the water level are the lights?

With regards  algae, there must be a nutrient issue there somewhere as the algae will require a fuel source to grow.

I do not feel it is your lights as we have feedback from 100’s of users of AI lights in the last 3 years and we have a good working knowledge of the lighting and they do grow coral and grow it well.

Im only stating the fact not to dismiss what your saying but to try and assure you that if your growing lots of algae we need to look elsewhere to get a handle as to what’s going on.

Can you give me a little more info about the set up please.

Fish stocking
Feedings per day and how much
Any filtration and products used I.e additives, bio-pellets etc etc
How do you maintain your Ca/Alk
Temperature fluctuation in a day
The rock you are using
Depth of sand bed and what type/grain size of sand
Flow pumps used

This info may help me more to provide some answers

Best regards Tony



Hi Tony,

First of all thank you very much for the fast response and help of setting up the preset for me, it is very much appreciated.

I am not blaming the lights what so ever, I am over the moon with them and so glad I purchased them as the are miles better than the previous Arcadia leds I had for only a year and after 5 replacements and nearly catching fire several times!  I think it is more my lack of technical knowledge in setting them up that is the issue.

So here goes with a bit more detail about my tank...

Stock:  Purple Tang,  Flame Angel,  Fire Fish, Pair of clowns and bubble anemone which has just split,  Randalls goby, tiger goby, midas blenny , 2 x fire shrimp and the usual turbo snails and hermits.  SPS & LPS coral
All usually fed 2 or 3 times a day with flake or frozen mysis/kril/brineshrimp etc.  every 2 or 3 days I give them a piece of seaweed.

In the sump I have a filter sock & wool, usually replaced every 3 or 4 days,  pellet reactor with tropic marin bio pellets ,  bubble magus curve skimmer, then in the last chamber i have a d&d reactor with rowaphos and from time to time a but in a small reactor with carbon.

I have around 35kg of live rock, 1 x jebao rw15 & 1 x jebao rw8 powerheads.

sand is approx 1-2inch deep and i think the size was 1.5mm

I will normally do a 50-60L water change every 2 weeks.

Parameters as of 10 mins ago!:

PH 8.1
KH 9.3
Nitrate 2.5
Calcium 410
Mag 1230.
PO4 0
I use an auto doser for KH , Mag & Calcium and use the Fauna Marin salts

Salt is Red sea coral pro.

And now is when you tell me this is all wrong!

Many thanks again for your help and if you have any recommendations for things to change then please let me know as I am still fairly new to this. We dont have much choice in the way of decent retailers up in Aberdeen for advice and the internet is very good however  and my favoured shop is XXXXX where I purchased the Leds from but they are 2.5 hours away!!



How many hydra 26 units do you recommended for a Red Sea reefer 
450 and what hanging system would be best. Many thanks

Hello, a general enquiry, I'm looking for a external media reactor I have a 
Red Sea Max C-250 as the sump is located in the back of the tank I have no 
room for a reactor.

I need one I can house in my cabinet and run the pipe work up into the tank 
and house the pump in the sump. Is the above reactor suitable or does it need 
to be housed in a sump?

I used to keep a reef set up years ago but had to give it up 
due to being disabled and not been able to keep up with the physical side of 
the hobby, since it has evolved it has become easier to maintain a reef set 
up. But I am having problems with the adjustment of the protein skimmer. It appear to 
be producing too much bubble and they are currently coming out of the holes 
in the top of the collection cup and running down the sides into the sump yet 
the cup only has 5mm of green liquid in the bottom of the cup, there are no 
adjustment instructions and I cannot find a video on youtube or anywhere 
else, can you help and advise me please. Many Thanks

Addtion - Hi Tony Thanks for your prompt response i really appreciate it.  The system was set up on the 14th of September 2015 so very new, i am dosing daily with Reef Flowers Magnesium, KH, Calcium, Lopox and also Red Sea Coral Colours A B C & D. The ptotein skimmer pump has not been stripped but i take the cup off weekly and clean thoroughly, hope that is ok for you please let me know if you need any more info.

Hello, I would like to get some information on your Mce 400.I purchased my protein skimmer around 4 months ago from my local aquarium centre.As instructed in the manual that the protein skimmer needs time to get settled in.The problem I have is that I'm still having problems with large and micro bubbles in my tank.I have spoke to the staff at my local aquarium centre and they said it should have settled down by now.I always turn off the protein skimmer every time i clean out the cup.In the manual it says to leave turned off for about 15 mins before turning back on which I do. What can I do to stop the protein skimmer making all these micro bubbles going into my tank?People have suggested that I put some filter floss into the pipe going back to the tank which I have tried this but it overflowed and I had water all over the floor which was not a good thing as I have electrical stuff at the back of my tank. I have the air pipe set at around 1 o'clock position once water is flowing through the unit. Hope to hear your suggestions soon. Many thanks

By accident bought this product. Indeed and accident. I now know where
stands for Damage and Disaster.
The ... product should be able to glue rocks and so together. After
the instructions (nice, so many languages in such an irritating small
applied it. After 45 minutes small pieces where still falling down. In
end I have used half of the stuff and counted: notching lasted.
What a waste of money.
Next step: go back to the shop and ask them to take the product out. Not
take my package back, but simply stop selling the garbage.
DD - Damage and Disater - one gurantee: unhappy customers ...
No wonder you do not list this as one of your products anymore.

Hello im petros from athens greece!!i have Deltec mce 600 protein skimmer and i wanna ask if i can use ozone,and if i can how many mg may use? The ozone device that i will buy is tmc.. thank you!! My tank is 400 l..


Good afternoon, This week I used the aquascape to set corals into place in my aquarium as my hermit crab kept moving everything. I used what I believed to be a small amount however I within an hour of using the Aquascape I lost all bar two of my fish. Somehow a clownfish and chalk goby managed to survive. It appeared that the aquascape took all the oxygen out of my aquarium. When I went back to the local fish shop where I purchased the Aquascape from they advised me that your product does remove the oxygen from an aquarium and that this was written in your small print of the instructions. Why is the fact that your product removed oxygen from an aquarium not written in big and bold type before the instructions. Your product ruined my aquarium I lost all my coral, nearly all my fish, inverts and cuc. I'm one extremely disgruntled and angry customer to the point where I may never purchase a product with your company name on it again. Regards Natalie

Good morning,

We need to have some infos. After installation, the outflow water is not pure with a KH 4 and nitrate 10.
The inpout is 2.5 bar.
We have bought a RO75 writen on the packing. But we have output of 180liters / 24 h.
Is it possible a mistake in the packing and to have a RO50 instead ?

Awaiting your answer.



Is it possible to use Ozone on this protein skimmer at the recommended rate?, if so how does the returned water get passed though carbon, when sitting in the sump.
kind regards

 hi can you tell me what size uv I would need for my reef tank