What are the LED lights on my Deltec UV balast for?




The Deltec electronic UV ballasts have two status LED's.

The green LED shows that the unit is functioning normally, the UV bulb is being powered and is working.

If the red LED is showing then the ballast is detecting a fault. This could be that the bulb itself needs replacing due to age or that the connection to the bulb has become wet and a short circuit is detected.  Remove the end cap from the unit and inspect for signs of moisture, if the connection is dry the bulb will need replacing.

When fitting or testing a bulb it is important not to look at the lamp directly when powered on. To confirm that the bulb is working when installed check that the green LED is showing on the balast, it is also possible to see a slight glow from the hosetails when the bulb is lit.  If changing the bulb it is recommended to clean the quartz sleeve to keep the unit running at maximum efficiency, please click here for more information on removing the quartz sleeve or click here for the product instruction manual.