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Introducing the Wi-Fi enabled app controllable pumps from Jebao. These pumps come complete with a dual interface controller allowing the settings of the pump to be adjusted directly from the control unit or remotely via the Jebao Aqua App if connected to a home router or mobile device.

The pump uses sine wave technology and wear resistant impeller ceramic shaft for long, reliable and quiet operation.


  • LCD Display on controller
  • Smart control system via 2.4G Wi-Fi
  • Adjustable maximum flow rate setting
  • App controllable
  • Sine wave technology for quiet operation
  • Automatic power off protection
  • Safe for freshwater and saltwater aquariums
  • Wear resistant ceramic shaft
  • Low voltage DC power input
  • Energy efficient
  • Detachable mounting bracket for controller
  • Timed Feed Mode and on/off functions
  • Multiple flow rates programable in the app
  • Pumps can be run submerged or externally
  • Pipe connection fittings included


Maximum Flow Rates

MDP-2500: 2500L/H

MDP-3500: 3500L/H

MDP-5000: 5500L/H

MDP-6000: 6200L/H

MDP-8000: 8000L/H

MDP-10000: 10000L/H


Included Inlet/Outlet Fittings

MDP-2500: Inlet 25mm / Outlet 25mm

MDP-3500: Inlet 32mm / Outlet 25mm

MDP-5000: Inlet 32/40mm / Outlet 25/32/40mm

MDP-6000: Inlet 32/40mm / Outlet 25/32/40mm

MDP-8000: Inlet 32/40mm / Outlet 25/32/40mm

MDP-10000: Inlet 32/40mm / Outlet 25/32/40mm

Maximum Power Consumption

MDP-2500: 23W

MDP-3500: 28W

MDP-5000: 40W

MDP-6000: 45W

MDP-8000: 65W

MDP-10000: 80W


Maximum Head Height

MDP-2500: 2.5M

MDP-3500: 3.5M

MDP-5000: 4M

MDP-6000: 4.5M

MDP-8000: 5.2M

MDP-10000: 6M


Smart Wi-Fi Controller

A Wi-Fi Status
• Flashing: Controller in smart configuration mode
• Flashing with AP: Controller in AP configuration or Direct mode
• Not flashing: Connected to a router
• Not displayed: Connection with the router has been lost


B Current Maximum Wattage


C Current Power Setting
Can be set between 30 and 100


D Wi-Fi Button
Press and hold to cycle between Smart Configuration mode and AP Configuration mode.


E Up Key
Press to increase the power setting.


F On/Off Button
Press to switch the pump on or off. When switched on the pump will return to its last power setting.


G Down Key
Press to decrease the power setting.


H Pause Button
Tap to set the device into timed feed mode or cancel timed feed mode and return back to normal operation. 



App Control

The pump is completely controllable in the App and has the option of a ‘Program Mode’ for more complex setup or operation. This function allows different power levels to be set throughout a 24 hour period. Using this it is possible to set night time schedules to create calmer flow, or to have changing conditions through the day.

Feed mode can be added into this daily schedule, pausing the pump at set times for feeding fish, off periods can also be incorporated in the program to stop the pump. If the pump is being run in manual mode it is also possible to change the automatic duration of the feed mode.