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Fresh New Look

D-D introduces the NEW brand name PRO-POWER T5 for its proven range of T5 lighting. 

D-D is now introducing a new brand name and smart new image for its well established and trusted line of Aquablue+, Actinic+, Lagoon Blue, AquaPink, Actinic Pure, Midday and Aquaflora T5 tubes.

2014 saw the end of a nine year agreement for D-D to supply Giesemann Lichttechnik with its popular range of T5 tubes, which had been sold together around the world under the PowerChrome name.

Image above shows the current packaging and the new PRO-POWER T5 packaging.

D-D’s new PRO-POWER T5 packaging will be gradually introduced into the market as existing tube stocks are used up and will continue the legacy for D-D for supplying the best, high quality German T5 tubes in the hobby.

The new PRO-POWER T5 sleeves are colour coded for easy recognition of the spectrum and continue to offer the latest developments in T5 technology.


Aquablue Plus 

The D-D Aquablue Plus is specifically designed for reef aquariums mimicking sea water to a depth of one to twenty meters. It can be used for growing SPS corals up to 80cm in the aquarium.

D-D were the first on the market in the UK when we brought out our full range of lamps and tubes for planted, marine and reef aquariums around 2002. The tubes can be combined with Aqua Flora tubes for freshwater, tropical fish and planted aquaria.

Luminous Flux:
  • 24W  -1250 lm
  • 39W - 2250 lm
  • 54W  -3200 lm
  • 80W  -4450 lm
Colour temperature :
  • 15.000K


Actinic Plus

Compare the deep blue colour and fluorescence that you get from this Actinic Plus tube and you will see why it is our second most popular tube.

A special 60:40 combination of deep blue and actinic wavelengths emits levels of actinic as well as a blue spectrum and will make even the drabbest corals stand out.

  • 24W -525 lm
  • 39W -850 lm
  • 54W -1150 lm
  • 80W -1550 lm
  Colour Temperature:
  • This light colour is not a white light and too far from the "Black Body Line"


Pure Actinic

D-D Pure Actinic T5 bulbs emit a pure actinic spectrum for maximum fluorescence from your corals.

To be used with Aquablue Plus or HQI lighting on marine aquariums.

Luminous Flux:
  • 24W -160 lm
  • 39W- 280 lm
  • 54W -400 lm
  • 80W -550 lm 

Colour Temperature

  • This light colour is not a white light and too far from the "Black Body Line"



The D-D Midday 6000 T5 bulbs have full a 5 point spectrum and 6000K colour temperature which recreates natural sunlight and are suitable for salt water, fresh water, reef and fish only aquariums.

 Luminous Flux
  • 24W -1400 lm
  • 39W- 2450 lm
  • 54W -3500 lm
  • 80W- 4900 lm

Colour Temperature

  • 5800 k


Lagoon Blue

Developed for reef aquariums providing higher PAR to enhance the colours and growth of corals whilst producing a rich lagoon blue for optimum aesthetics.

Can be used as a stand alone tube or mixed with other colours within the range.


A rich turquoise blue approximating to 16-17000 Kelvin

Positioned between the Aquablue and Actinic plus

  • 24W 1200 lm
  • 39W 1800 lm
  • 54W 2500 lm
  • 80W 3700 lm
  Colour Temperature:
  • This light colour is not a white light and too far from the "Black Body Line"



A new Pink tube to enhance and promote colour of corals when used in conjuction with Aquablue plus,Actinic plus, Actinic pure and/or Metal halide lamps. The Aquapink tubes will enhance and improve the colour of sps and lps corals especially blue and pink species.

  • 24W -700 lm
  • 39W -1250 lm
  • 54W -1800 lm
  • 80W -2500 lm
  Colour Temperature:
  • This light colour is not a white light and too far from the "Black Body Line"



This tube is specially designed for Freshwater use. It brings out the blue and red colours in your fish whilst enhancing plant growth.

We recommend the Midday 6000 to be used in conjunction with the Aqua Flora for Freshwater and planted aquariums.

Luminous Flux

  •       24W -1300 lm
  •       39W - 2300 lm
  •       54W  -3400 lm
  •       80W  - 4600 lm

Available Sizes

All of our T5 tubes are available in 4 standard wattages and nominal lengths.

  • 24W - nomimal length 2ft
  • 39W - nomimal length 3ft
  • 54W - nomimal length 4ft
  • 80W - nomimal length 5ft

As you can see from the above numbers, the relative wattage increases with length, with the 80W being the most powerful tube.