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D-D Twin Rail Hanging System

The D-D rail system is an anaesthetic solution to the installation of multiple Aquaillumination LED lights above an aquarium and is manufactured from an annodised aluminium section with stainless steel end plates, with built in cable management system.

The rail set shown is the version for wider format lights such as the HYDRA 52, HYDRA, VEGA & SOL. A separate version for the HYDRA 26 is also available.


  • Aesthetic annodised aluminium custom section with stainless steel end plates.
  • Suitable for suspended or tank mounting (optional parts required).
  • Integrates with fully modular concept.
  • Designed with integral cable management system.
  • Infinitely adjustable hanging positions along the whole length of the rail.
  • Fully height adjustable by using AI WIRE 03 kit.
  • Strong and lightweight in a range of lengths.

(Alternative single rail version available to allow the lights to be orientated along the length of the rail)

Cable Management

Variable Hanging Height

Variable Hanging Position

Available sizes

As standard supplied in 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 foot lengths but can also be cut down to custom sizes at home if required.

Hanging wires are sold separately as options.


HYDRA 52 Format


Product Code SOL RAIL X - H ( where x = length in inches 36, 48, 60, 72)



HYDRA 26 Format

Suitable for HYDRA 26 HD, HYDRA 26

Product Code H26 RAIL X - H ( where x = length in inches 36, 48, 60, 72)




Photo shows how multiple rails can be used to cover a large area. (Hydra 26 Rails).

Hydra 26 Rail System

Hanging & Mounting Options


This wire kit is designed for use with the D-D rail system and has a ball on each end of the Y connector so that you can slide the wire to any position and to any angle along the length of the rail for maximum flexibility.