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I have nitrate readings in my RO water - how can this be possible?

Can the D-D RO Units be connected to a threaded tap ie garden hose tap?

How do I check that my RO Unit is piped up correctly?

What is a flow restrictor and why should I use it?

What is reverse osmosis (RO) and why should I use it?

What does the carbon cartridge do and how long does it last?

What does the sediment cartridge do and how long does it last?

What is the lifespan of my RO membrane?

What is an RO membrane and how does it work?

After fitting a new stator for the aquabee pump on my APF600 I have another problem.

Now more often than not the aquabee pump dosn't start up properly, the impellor seems to stutter and vibrate inside the unit rather than spinning properly but if i blow air in through the intake to the venturi its starts working perfectly. The old unit didn't suffer from this ever before its demise. 

Im hoping that you have come across this before, and if so what is the problem


My nitrate reactor has been running now for 6 weeks and I can not get the nitrate to zero.

How many T5's do i need for hard corals when using the dusk till dawn lighting.

I have just purchased a MCE-300 a month ago and it skims very well but I have a big problem with trapped air in the intake tube which is connected to the pump. After a few days even without turning it off, there is still air trapped in the suction tube and it becomes bigger day after day restricting the flow of water considerably then the skimmer is much less effective!!

I recently added an ozoniser to optimise my system. I notice when I connect up the unit then the white bubbles in my skimmer tube drop below the bayonet level, no matter what I do. I have taken the unit apart, cleaned and checked, and still no joy.

Is there anything you can suggest?