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Can you tell me if the above skimmer is ok to operate with an ozone unit? By this l mean can l add ozone to the air inlet and are the materials that will be subject to ozone ok with it??????




I bought skimmer DELTEC APF 600.

I want to know how high to set the water level in the chamber for best performance.

I need to replace the impellor on my Deltec Skimmer. can you help ?

I keep large American cichlids so was wondering which tubes you'd recommend using? At the moment i use 1 x Arcadia T8 freshwater tube and 1 x Arcadia T8 marine white tube. Ultimately i'm looking to get the maximum light into thr tank but also the right type and blend of light ranges to benefit the fish. For reference, i don't keep any live plants.


I've got a Rena 200 tank which is 6'6" long and is currently using to stock Rena twin T8 light bar for illumination. I want to upgrade the lighting to T5 and have seen your new range to Razor light bars, which look like the perfect solution. However i've noticed that they only go up to 5' in length. Do the connector bars supplied extend out far enough to bridge the remaining distance, or would you recommend connecting two or the 3' bars together?

I am unable to maintain a steady drip rate to my calcium reactor or nitrate filter despite teeing off from my powerful sump return pump. Why is this?

I have a D & D Nano-Cube 12g and I have heard good reports swapping out the sponges in chamber 1 for live rock rubble and ditching the active carbon and bio balls and creating refugium in chamber 2 and let cheato grow, but this requires require a light source for chamber 2.

My question is: Do you know of any light products which would meet my requirements?

I've been told it is better having the light source from the back after removing the vynil covering from chamber 2 rather than above as this spreads the light better.

Why should I use a deionising resin after my RO unit?

Are spare parts available for my RO Unit?

How long does RO water last and how should I store it?

I have nitrate readings in my RO water - how can this be possible?

Can the D-D RO Units be connected to a threaded tap ie garden hose tap?

How do I check that my RO Unit is piped up correctly?

What is a flow restrictor and why should I use it?