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Hi I am wanting to change all 3 cartridges/filters thingies on my reverse osmosis machine bearing your name but I am unsure of what size (or gallons per day) the unit is rated for, is there any way to tell at all ? I've looked on the unit itself and the only writing I have on it apart from your name and web address is that of the flow restrictor which states it's a flow 400 if this helps? Any advice you can give in respect of this matter will be greatly appreciated. Many thanks


Dear Rob
The Flow 400 restrictor relates to a 400ml/min flow rate. Please see the flow rates for the restrictors we supply and the membrane str match those restrictors below:
50 Gallon per day RO unit  = 300 ml/min flow restrictor
75 Gallon per day RO unit = 400 ml/min flow restrictor
125 Gallon per day RO unit = 800 ml/min flow restrictor
Depending on the age of the unit it maybe a good idea to change out the restrictor at the same time as the membrane as if you are in hard water area its possible for them to start to cake up internally over time and put extra restriction on the membrane.
I hope this helps Tony