Ozone is a highly dangerous gas and should be used with extreme caution as over application can literally strip the skin off your fish.

It has the benefit of removing yellowness from water making it crystal clear, will kill pathogens in the water and will oxidise waste products in your system.

Deltec Protein Skimmers can be operated with ozone up to a maximum of 50mg/hr per pump, ie a 2 pump skimmer can be used with a maximum of 100mg/hr. It is better and safer to run a constant lower level of ozone than to operate at a high level and use a controller.

Redox controllers of any brand are difficult to keep in calibration and therefore use of such a system to control such a dangerous gas should be treated with care.

If you have decided to use ozone then it is a fairly simple matter to connect it to your Deltec skimmer. One air connection of the ozoniser should be connected via a suitable silicon hose directly to the air inlet on the protein skimmer pump. The air will then be automatically sucked in the ozoniser by the skimmer pump.

If you continue to use the adjustment tap then be aware that direct contact with the ozone will cause it to become brittle over time as it will with any other PVC part.

Ozone has a very distinctive smell and if you can smell it during operation then you are using too much.

To remove any excess ozone from the water supply then we recommend that you pass the water exiting from the skimmer through some carbon in a container. The carbon will not require changing and will very slowly be dissolved over time. 

Should the skimmer performance deteriorate please check the ozoniser for blockages.