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Hi, can you tell me what the stray voltage is from your pumps when new,

After some investagating on my system, it seems my skimmer is showing 31v stray voltage when absolutely nothing is plugged in and just the skimmer is plugged in, could you please help or advise what to do.

Dear Ashley
Thanks for your email, can you please confirm the method you are using to check for stray voltage please.
The skimmers are powered by a 24 volt power supply so to find 31 volts when the skimmer is on would be quite odd, equally with such a high voltage leak the pump would have more than likely popped the breaker or failed to start from an internal short to ground but the pumps insulation would  have to be badly damaged.
What I think you are seeing here is induced current caused by the motor winding of the pump being energised. Aquariums typically have no route to ground meaning static and induced electrical currents can build up over time with no way to earth, all live stock in the tank is unaffected as for one the induced voltage will be quite weak with little to no amps and for two there is no ground to earth so all livestock are akin to birds sitting on electrical cables. 
Induced voltage is the most common type of voltage that flags when hobbyists test their aquariums, its often looked for due to the hobbyists putting their hands in the water then touching a metal object such as a metal stand or a light chassis/mount wires that have a route to earth. This allows the small induced voltage to discharge to earth straight away and they feel a small zap , at this point they feel that they have been electrocuted by faulty equipment but this isn't the case.
My advise would be to install a titanium ground probe or even a Titanium Schego heater as the titanium jackets of the high quality heaters are grounded through the plug providing a rather nice earth probe as well as a heater. This will allow any induced voltage to automatically go to ground and not build up in the tank. If there is a real voltage leak caused by the insulation break down of an electrical item the ground probe will immediately cause your breaker to pop due to the short to ground.
I hope this helps Tony