There have been a number of modifications to the current MCE600 and MC500 skimmers which have had an effect on the noise output from these models.

New Stator Design

The stator is the electrical part of the pump. In mid 2006,  Aquabee developed a new more efficient method of winding the stator which has resulted in almost halving the electrical running cost of the pump.

One important side effect of this new design is that the impellor runs much smoother and therefore shows a significant reduction in noise output.

The latest versions of this are marked UP2000AS or UP2000A

Sound Dampening Kit

Much of the noise on the older MCE600 and MC500 models is caused by wear of the two black PVC bushes that are fitted to either end of the ceramic shaft.

The black bushes have now been replaced by RED SILICONE ones which are much more dimensionally stable and will not shrink or wear over time. These new red bushes are supplied in the sound dampening kit.

In addition to the bushes we supply two silicone strip feet which fit into the grooves on the bottom of the pump.

Both the red bushes and the strips are supplied as standard on all later models.