Riff news have put together a very good introductory review and function test of the new Deltec 1000i Protein Skimmer. We have copied the review over to our Articles page and translated it to English for easy reading.

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Deltec protein Skimmer 1000i Introduction & Function Test



Hi Reef Keeping friends!

We are pleased to present our review of the new Deltec 1000i protien skimmer .The skimmer is made by Deltec and in our opinion has quite a lot of innovations on board.
As in keeping with our other reviews we have included a 360 ° view and even a video.


Deltec 1000i Protein Skimmer 

A 360 degree view of the protein skimmer from all sides.




The Protein Skimmer is designed for aquariums up to 1000 liters. The pump produces 650 liters of air at the intake and only consumes 13 watts of power which results in very good power consumption.

We have found some really interesting features and real innovations.


Emergency overflow

The Deltec 1000i Protein Skimmer features a newly developed emergency overflow.
This prevents the Protein Skimmer  "over flowing when the water level rises in the skimmer for any reason.



If the return pump was ever switched off or adjusted this could cause the sump level to rise and the protein skimmer to overflow.

Equally problems with the air supply, for example by bending the silicone tubing or foreign objects into the air intake can also cause the protein skimmer internal water level to increase and cause the skimmer to overflow and skimmate to overflow the protein skimmer cup back into the sump .

With the new Deltec design this leads to high internal water level actuating the new emergency overflow system and preventing the protein skimmer from overflowing and protecting the aquarium from impurities from an overflowing cup.


The water level can be read directly from the overflow tube of the protein skimmer. The minimum and maximum marks on the tube allow the optimal adjustment of the water level.

The overflow protection tube can also be removed allowing the user to select between the new overflow system set up or a more conventional operation without the emergency overflow tube in place as required.


24V DC pump


The Deltec protein skimmer 1000i version comes with a DC adjustable pump. ( The IX model comes with a fixed flow AC pump).
Here you adjust the pump controller for most efficient skimming.Deltec recommends level 5 to start and for most aquariums but we have set the pump to level 8 here as the best setting for our test aquarium.


The ergonomic cylindrical shape


The ergonomic cylindrical shape of the Deltec protein skimmer 1000i achieves the best results when skimming.
The shape of the protein skimmer does not taper upwards. So that the small air bubbles can rise unhindered, are fully saturated and burst only in the riser of the foam cup.

From there, the collected skimmate can be drained through a drain hose, without having to remove the foam cup down.

 I spoke with the owner of Deltec at Interzoo 2018 and he explained that in testing a cylinder worked better than any other shape including some conical designs. We will test this theory with our long-term test.


Hollow base chamber


An additional innovation from Deltec comes in the form of a hollow base section within the foot of the protein skimmer. This helps to dampen the noise even further, making the already quiet Deltec skimmer “Whisper” quiet.

In addition, the water flows back through the hollow chamber floor. That is, the water is fed to the lowest point of the protein skimmer, thus allowing the maximum volume of bubbles to collect within the body of the protein skimmer without escaping the out of the body.No more air bubbles in the aquarium.


Again, in our eyes a very good innovation and works extremely well and also helps to decrease any noise even further.

No air bubbles can escape from the protein skimmer so this works really well.

As you can see in the video, there were actually no air bubbles visible.


Cleaning system


Optionally, there is the Deltec protein skimmer 1000i head cleaning system , wherein any deposits in the neck are cleaned off by turning the lid and rotating a paddle inside the neck.

If these deposits are not removed periodically, the protein skimmer performance decreases drastically since bubbles at the scum line burst prematurely thus can not contribute to water purification.

This is certainly a good feature, as you can imagine.


Video for Deltec Protein Skimmer 1000i


Of course we have again created you a video.
For all those that want to see the protein skimmer in action.



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Our conclusion:


What can I say, the Deltec Protein Skimmer 1000i really has me convinced. It has a great build quality and the best materials are used. Nothing rattles, everything fits snugly into the holes inside.
Silent at that, thanks to the innovative hollow chamber at the base.

We also love the emergency overflow system.

Low voltage is used here, which we also find very commendable.

At the successful conclusion then that for many the price will be crucial. 349, - € for a protein skimmer, which is suitable for aquaria up to 1000 litres

That's really commendable and I really see a huge potential in the company Deltec.
This new protein skimmer generation will certainly be very good for the market segment.

Its difficult to find a device that offers innovation and also attractively priced and we don’t think you will find very much to match it for the price.


We have also set up a discussion thread in our user forum as mentioned in our video, we have only used the protein skimmer for 3 days but it has already started to fill the cup as per the image below!

We will report back after our six months long term test.

I hope that the article was informative for you.
Who would like to ask something about this protein skimmer that this may like to
make in our forum. Click here for the article on Nanoriffe.de

To the forum in the discussion

Greetings, your Mark