What is�a flow restrictor�and why should I use it?


Reverse osmosis units work by creating a back pressure on the exiting water to force the pure water through membrane. This back pressure is created by adding a flow restrictor on the waste pipe and unless this is fitted you will never achieve good quality water.

The new generation of� D-D�RO units now have a flow restrictor with a tap on the top of it.� This tap allows the user to take the restrictor out of line allowing a greater water flow to periodically flush the membrane�and help to keep it clean, which in turn enhances the life of the membrane and aids water quality.

To flush the membrane simply�open the tap so that it is in line with the restrictor.�

Once the flushing has been done (flush for several minutes) then the tap must be closed. The tap will be closed when it is turned 90 degrees to the�direction of flow and will begin to cause back pressure again.

This flushing action should be carried out every 2 weeks or so to keep the membrane in top condition.