Dear aquarist.

Occasionally, as with any product, whether it is a washing machine, television, or any other item, things can go wrong and there may be a requirement to obtain a replacement component or replacement unit under warranty. D-D will endeavour to assist you directly as much as possible however in most cases to give you the fastest possible turn around in solving your problem, you should adhere to the following guidelines in respect to warranty claims and trouble shooting.
1.       Your first port of call in the event of a problem should always be the retailer where you originally bought the item from. They may be able to solve the issue there and then face to face, offer advice if it is a simple set up or maintenance issue, or at least order any replacement parts required via our warranty claims procedure.
2.       In the event of an ‘out of warranty’ failure or replacement part being required, any authorised D-D stockist will still be able to assist. Alternatively you can order replacement parts direct by emailing [email protected]
3.       In the event of a technical query, you can either email D-D directly via our website contact page; or you can post your question directly to us on this forum.
4.       If you bought the component from a retailer who has since closed down within the warranty period, then you can contact D-D directly to resolve the situation, or take the component to an approved D-D stockist with a valid receipt of sale which confirms that the component is within warranty period and that retailer may agree to assist via the area representative.
Please note:
As with all goods, product warranty is passed back to the original manufacturer who in most cases request proof of sale, therefore confirmation of the original date of purchase must be provided to allow the warranty claim to be processed.
In the event of a valid sales receipt NOT being provided, or confirmation of sale from an approved UK D-D retailer, D-D reserves the right to deem the unit as either ‘out of warranty’ or ‘second hand’ and may apply charges for replacement parts or repair in line with our current catalogue prices.