Boot loader reset for the AI wireless adapter

The following article has been put together using an email to a customer that was having problems setting up his SOL blues with his new wireless adapters. It will hopefully provide a useful piece of information for those having trouble setting up their adapters due to an initial external communication error or not plugging the adapter in all the way.

Setting up the AI adapters is slightly different to the Hydra and Vega especially if initial errors in setting the adapter cause conflicts or corruption of the firmware and the user has to perform a boot loader reset.

For this mock up we were using an AI wireless adapter, SOL blue and MKII controller using FW 2.22, the steps and LED colour codes are slightly different to the Vega or Hydra boot loader recovery process so one should follow the following guide and information contained for the adapter only.

1) Make sure the adapter has been pushed fully home with a positive click, it may feel home at first but it may not be, an easy mistake to make, push firmly with the thumb whilst holding the light to get it to fully click home or communication will be sporadic and firmware updates will become corrupt. If the previous firmware update and pairing did not complete correctly possibly due to the adapter not being pushed home the adapter LED will remain green, the light will be on but won�t respond to the controller or simply wont be found by the controller when setting up the lights.

2) For boot loader mode the following information will need to be actioned : Push in the internal push switch with a pin and pull out the power socket from the light itself ( don�t pull the adapter out as you may not reseat it correctly ) whilst leaving the power supply on ( Don�t drop the live power socket in the aquarium !!! ) .

Now plug the socket back into the light unit whilst still holding in the pin on the adapter then release. The light on the adapter will be solid green ( boot loader reset ) Now push the pin in again for around five seconds, the adapter led will steadily flash red/green rather than flash quickly as it would in standard pairing/discovery mode, it will then go solid red when the pin is released. The controller will then see the light unit as a new factory set version when you set it up via the controller and ask to update the adapter firmware again from scratch. If it does not ask for a firmware update the adapter hasn�t been reset into boot loader mode correctly and the boot loader process should be undertaken again.

3) When setting the light up with the controller it will inform you that it has found a wireless adapter, it will still give you an option after it has identified the adapter however of Sol white, Sol blue or Nano. Select the obvious of course i.e. Sol blue or Nano for the Euro / Uk market.

The adapter should then function correctly. If the controller was previously used for Vega or Hydra we recommend a full factory reset before setting the adapters and any other Vega and hydra up in tandem.

Best regards D-D Tech help