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ICP-OES Analysis

Reef Zlements offers ICP analysis services using its own in-house SPECTROGREEN DSOI ICP-OES to allow reefers to achieve the highest water quality possible.

Reef Zlements SPECTROGREEN DSOI unique radial dual side-on interface provides twice the sensitivity of conventional radial views and it equals the sensitivity of newer vertical-torch dual-view systems.

Our ICP-OES machine uses a newer, truly unique approach. 
Its two optical interfaces capture emitted light from both sides of a vertical plasma — with only a single extra reflection, for added sensitivity. Averaging twice the sensitivity of a conventional radial-view model across the whole spectral range.

Our state of the art machine coupled with high chemical analysis methods and standards will allow Reef Zlements to provide reefers and customers the highest quality analysis in the industry.

Elements/Parameters Included

Standard ICP

Salinity + 42 elements

Chloride (Cl), Sodium (Na), Calcium (Ca), Magnesium (Mg), Potassium (K), Strontium (Sr), Boron (B), Bromine (Br), Sulphur (S), Lithium (Li), Silicon (Si), Iodine (I), Beryllium (Be), Barium (Ba), Molybdenum (Mo), Titanium (Ti), Vanadium (V), Chromium (Cr), Manganese (Mn), Iron (Fe), Cobalt (Co), Nickel (Ni), Copper (Cu), Zinc (Zn), Phosphorus (P), Phosphate (PO4), Aluminium (Al), Silicon (Si), Silver (Ag), Arsenic (As), Antimony (Sb), Tin (Sn), Cadmium (Cd), Selenium (Se), Mercury (Hg), Lead (Pb), Lanthanum (La), Scandium (Sc), Tungsten (W)  and Salinity.


Advanced ICP

Standard ICP + Alkalinity, pH, Conductivity, Specific Gravity, Nitrate, Nitrite, Orthophosphate, Sulphate, Fluoride

Available Tests

There are various different test formats available to the hobbyist


  • Saltwater only - 1 x single saltwater test


  • Saltwater + RO/DI tests - single saltwater test and single Reverse Osmosis test


  • 3 x Saltwater tests multipack - 3 x single saltwater tests



  • Saltwater only - 1 x single saltwater test

How it Works

The process of receiving your ICP analysis is very simple.

  1. Buy one of the ICP Analysis Kits from your retailer.
  2. Go to the website.
  3. Register an account.
  4. Add your name, aquarium and barcode number from the kit.
  5. Stick the barcode labels on the 2 vials.
  6. Fill both vials with water from your aquarium.
  7. Put the vials back in the padded envelope and post to the address on the website.
  8. An email receipt will be sent to notify when the sample has arrived.
  9. The water will be tested the same day.
  10. A notification email will be sent to advise that the test is complete.
  11. Go online and view the results in the format that is shown on the sections below.

Full detailed instructions are given on the website.

Macro Elements

Trace Elements

Nutrients & Polutants

Advice & Dosing Volumes


View an Actual ICP

To view a live ICP test on the portal, please click on the following link

Example ICP Test

Click between the Analysis and Dose buttons to see the results and the dosing advice given for this particular tank.