Are my Hydra optics 50 or 80 degree ?


Aqua Illuminations Hydra light units come with 80 degree optics in stock format. We suggest that these are the go to optics for Aquaria up to around 30" water depth. After this point you may consider the optional 50 degree optics (these can be special ordered through your AI Premium store )

Whilst the optics alter the light pattern from your unit for more punch both 50 and 80 degree versions look very similar and are quite hard to tell apart once you have them ready to install or out of the unit.

On each optic there will be a serial number set into the moulding, the text is very small so it doesnt interfere with the projected light. On close inspection it can be found on the outer rim of the optic when viewing the optic from the side that faces into the Hydra light.

The codes are 8 digits long and can be used to identify the Optics using the last four digits i.e 1234-'2007'. In this instance the optics will be of the 50 degree variety.

80 degree optics will end in 2008

50 degree optics will end in 2007

Please also see the pictorial example of a 50 degree optic showing the 50 degree serial code.