I have just installed my Gen 3 ClariSea and water is coming out of the top of the elbow fitting, how do I stop this?




The Gen 3 Clarisea filters have a stepped elbow fitting that is suitable for 1" Imperial pressure pipe, 32mm Metric pressure pipe or 40mm Metric pressure pipe. It is designed that the first stage in the elbow is for 1" pipe, further down into the elbow it will suit 32mm pipe, which is around 1.5 milimeter smaller in diameter and then the outside of the fitting will suit a 40mm socket fitting. If water is coming out between the pipe and the fitting you will need to check that the pipe is pushed far enough in to the elbow, in the case of 32mm Metric pipe, or that the plumbing you are using is aquarium pressure pipe suitable for connection to the ClariSea unit. Plumbing and pipe fittings from household DIY stores although rated at 1", 32mm or 40mm will have slightly different external dimensions to that used on aquarium fittings.