These dampening kits are readily availiable in the UK and can be obtained for �3.99 plus p&p by emailing [email protected]

Red Bushes

These are fitted at either end of the ceramic shaft inside the skimmer pump.

  • Remove the pump from the protein skimmer by following the instructions that are supplied with the unit, (downloadable online).
  • Take the end off the pump by rotating the bayonet fitting to expose the end of the pinwheel and shaft.
  • Carefully remove the ceramic shaft from the impeller remembering that it is brittle and can be easily broken and put to one side.
  • Using a pair of long nosed plyers or similar to grasp the centre section, remove the impellor which is held in by the magnet at the end.
  • The black bushes are found in the two wells in the end plate and in the bottom of the stator body and should be removed with a screwdriver.
  • Take the impeller and insert the ceramic shaft putting the new red bushes on either end.
  • Carefully replace the impeller back into the pump and fit the end cap before reassembling the pump back into the skimmer.

Strip Silicone Feet

These fit into the grooves on the bottom of the Aquabee pump

  • Remove the pump from the skimmer as above.
  • Take off the end plate with the pump name on it. This is simply clipped on.
  • wet the 2 strips and slide them along the 2 grooves before refitting the end plate.