Mr B had some problems with his AI Director and set up, the reply below managed to get MrB up and running and worth reading through if one should have problems setting up your new Director.



Dear Mr B#######

With regards to the power adapter for the USB power your retailer should have offered you the adapter as we supply these at around £6, the directors do not ship with U.S adapters for obvious reasons.

What I would do is reset the Director using the following information:

Once you have reset the director connect to your router again either via a Network cable (remove the wireless dongle) or set up your wireless connection again.

Now reset the Hydra 52 into boot loader mode by removing the power jack from the light itself whilst the unit is powered and pushing the power jack back in whilst holding

down the red button on the side of the light, then release the button. This will reset the light to factory.

Now hold the button in for 7 seconds and let the button go, the light will flash red/green whilst you hold the button and go solid red once you let it go (it shouldn’t flash red).

The best way to connect to your router wirelessly is by using the WPS button on the router and giving the Director a short press on the centre button so it searches and connects to the router.

Once the Director has a wireless connection log onto your PC and either connect locally to it via its LAN I.P address in your browser or by typing http://director-######.local (replace #’s with director serial number)

Or the best way to connect to the Director locally or externally is via the AI cloud by going to and logging in.

I would also suggest using Chrome as your browser and it runs better with the internal web server of the Director.

Also install Apple Bonjour for Windows onto a PC (installing iTunes will include this)

Once you are logged in and the 52 is in discovery mode click the discover on screen button and once discovered drag the Hydra into the layout grid and save the layout.

I would also advise you double click the Hydra icon in the layout screen, you will find a pop up box appears reporting the status of the 52 and also if it requires a firmware update to talk to the Director correctly.

Once you have saved the layout set up your timers remembering to save the timer after set up.

Also take note that the Director may need a firmware update and it often takes some time( overnight ) for a new firmware update to flag up onto the director browser set up page.

In your browser check your Director system settings and firmware version , the latest should be 1.0.26-r20 . If the version is any earlier the Director will be waiting for an update file and will require an

update to a more stable version. You will be advised to update via a pop up once the firmware update is pushed to the Director.

Also take note that the Director runs two wireless radios, one that connects to the router/network via the dongle and one that’s internal and communicates to the light units.

If your Director is close to the Router but a distance from the light it may not be able to communicate with the light and visa versa.  I suggest sitting the Director midway between the two and avoid as many

walls as possible between the Director,router and light unit. Also take note that if you have a wireless appliance running on the same channel as the director it may be interfering with the comms between the Director and

light. If you feel this could be the case change the Director wireless channel via your Browser set up page or IOS device app. If the Director is too far away from the light or there is interference you will see comm errors etc flagged up.

My Director at home controls 8 lights and it has been very stable since the latest firmware update, equally I’ve set a retailers 52 up the other day and it ran very well off the bat so please don’t give up, once your set I’m sure you will be


Best regard Tony