I've been using H2 Ocean Pro salt in my marine reef aquariums (150 gal - 60 gal) for one year - this month in fact. I was using Aqua Craft's Bio Sea prior to switching and was quite happy with it at the time. But after switching to H2 Ocean Pro I noticed a remarkable difference in clarity and coral growth. By utilizing Marina Fauna's Ultra Lith system and a good five stage RO unit, and using the excellent salt product your company manufactures, I can finally say that I am 100 per cent satisfied that all is looking great - and growing well. The colours of the corals, particularly acros, chalices, montes and leathers, has never been better. H2 Ocean Pro has only been available in my area for the past year - I make sure that I've always got two of the large buckets on hand. I wouldn't want to be without it!

Thanks very much.


John Copley